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Just lost the tournament after 4 hours and 44 minutes and not even reaching the money (1000 players left for the money).
I was forced due to my small stack to move all in with 10 10. Had smthing like 12.000 chips and got called by JK, lost the flip.
Lately I am always losing on the late position before the money, it's getting frustrating. Disagree

maybe playing a little to tight search for openings to steal blinds? idk im a low lvl player 22$ is way to much for 1 tournament for me but it sounds like you folded yourself out of the tourney

to bad m8 good luck at the tables

Bad to hear that man Sad they gave you that pocket tens for quit and stop use their soft...
I saw always if a player have more chips than another on a tournament or SnG the higher chips stack always win... even if you have 9500 with KK vs 10000 with A2o they bring an A on the board.
Hope you forget that happening tomorrow. GL

What would help would be the hand history, so we can see things like the blind levels, the average stacksize, the number of BBs you have.

Sometimes what seems like a short stack actually isn't. A lot of players get hung up on their stack and because they are outside the money positions, they think they are desperate, when in truth they aren't.

If you had less than 15BBs left then shoving with 10 10 was the correct play. If however you had 25 BBs left, then a raise would have been better, then see how he plays after the flop.

A lot of players lose hands because they shove all in, when in fact a raise may be the better option. Heres an example.

I have 10 10 and I've got 20 BBs left. I am in late position and its folded around to me. If I shove all in I am committing my chips before I've seen the flop. Lets suppose my opponent has a big stack and decides to call my 3 x BB raise with his KJ.

The flop comes over and there is one or more cards of a higher value than my 10s. If he checks to me then I can c-bet about 2/3 of the pot and there is little or no way he can call. He folds, I've picked up valuable chips and not risked everything. If he bets I can fold my 10s if I think he may have hit a higher card than the 10s I've got in my hand.

Now lets look at what happens if I shove and he calls with K J. The flop comes all low cards. However he hits a K on the turn. I lose.

By raising pre flop if I get called then I can get away from the hand should my middle pair look under threat from the overcards on the board. All I lose is my 3 BBs and I've still got some chips to shove with if I need to.

The problem a lot of players have is they shove or call all ins and commit all their chips when a raise, or a call pre flop can actually mean they are not committing their hand to luck, but in fact playing with a view to folding should they need to.

If you look at that hand, I wonder if the card that beat you landed on the turn or river. If it did, then you could well have taken that pot after the flop without losing to a suckout on the turn or river.

fcumred, I had something like 4-5 BB. So a shove was certainly the appropriate play.
I had 37K at one point but till then I really had no opportunities to play hands, to bluff, to steal because there was action every time and I had no real hand.

If I had double up I would have been in the money at least.

They key hand for me, before the hand with 10 10 was when my stack was 18K +/- and I received AA on the BB. Player raised, other player reraised and I shoved AA preflop with joy.
Player 1 folded and Player 2 called - showing AA too Angry .

Nothing to do about - poker is about the cards sometimes. If they are with you - you'll win, if they don't you'll lose.

Ouch, almost 5 full hours of play and not even ITM is not so cool...

But well you need to remember that tournaments have the highest variance in the end. Anyways better luck on the next tournament mate!

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