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Hello guys,

I'm kind of new to the community and one of the reasons I joined is to seek help in depositing money to my pokerstars account. I am willing to pay via Paypal and willing to send first to trusted members. I really wanted to deposit $50 to start my bankroll but I'm only a college student which makes it hard for me to deposit thru banks or even get credit card in my country.

Anyways wish you all the best of luck in the table.

Posted by Flopsthenuts:
and willing to send first to trusted members

contact Flangel

it's a little hard to pay a mobster with paypal, because in order to do this you need their email, and that is against forum rules. I don't know why it's so hard to get a credit card in the Philippines, is it because most of them are deadbeats, thats why they come here looking for money on their first post.

Okay thank you about that pochui

you can pay pokerstars via paypal so why don't you just do that?

you can??

Sadly it is impossible from my country.

Or perhaps someone can transfer a tiny bit of their funds in PS to my account. any amount ranging from 10-50 USD is welcomed. I am willing to send first to trusted members.

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In my country there is somethnig called mbnet where you can make a credit card using your bank account just to purchase something over the internet or pay somethnig!!
If you can do the same thing with your bajmko account can the easiest thing to do!!

I do not think it;s possible since you would need to have the email address of the person you want to send money too.

Unfortunately that will break one of the rules of the bankrollmob forum.

Hello Flopsthenuts!
I got interested in your situation and decided to do a little investigation around ( 10 minutes of google lol) to see what solutions did players from the Philippines found to play on pokerstars.
It's actually very tricky as it seems and as far as i saw u'll have a bit of a problem at least with your first deposit.
The closest thing to a solution i found in this other poker site ( i cannot mention it here Blink ) where a member tried to help a Philippine player.
Quoting an unknown person that goes by the nickname "purplefizz" :
just adding some info for click2pay

To deposit, follow these steps (Pls note that i am not posting this as a moderator of P*********** but simply sharing my experience as a fellow player from the Philippines. any opinions here are mine alone. please check the safety of all information and follow them at your own risk smile )

1. Make a click2pay account. (go to their site and register)

2. To load money there, you will need to go to this 3rd party payment site which handles their philippine accounts:
Asia Pacific E-Serv

2. Follow their instructions on that page. if you get confused (or sometimes the page gives an error), you can call their office as well. (it's a local number). basically, you will be given instructions (account name and number) on how to deposit at the bank. (format is like paying electric or credit card bills)

3. you will need to physically go to the bank (i used bdo) and deposit whatever cash you want (they accept only peso).

4. voila! after a day or 2, cash appears in your click2pay account in PESO.

there are no charges for depositing. you will find exactly the same amount you deposited in your e-wallet. i have done this twice and it worked without any problems.

take note, here are the disadvantages in my opinion:
- not all sites will take click2pay (merge, everest, microgaming and some ongame skins do. Partypoker and Pokerstars do not)
- the only option i see to withdraw from click2pay is via euro check (i dont plan to do this since it will take 1 mirrion years to clear and baka mawala pa sa post office)

so what are the advantages?
- i use it primarily to transfer between sites easily and clear the bonuses that i want without any additional charges (bank wire transfers have significant charges)
- it keeps your money in peso while it's in the e-wallet so it does not depreciate with the dollar (in fact, it gains more value).
- the conversion rates have always been very reasonable

i've only transferred to neteller this month because strangely enough, some sites which have allowed me to deposit with click2pay in the past no longer allow withdrawal back there (but allow me to withdraw on neteller). i dont know if these are only recent changes with the sites. so now, all my withdrawals have been to neteller. since i use proper brm, i dont expect that i will ever need to deposit again. but i will share once i have more experience with is.

Just to say i cannot confirm this information in any way but if it is accurate i hope it helps u out.

parekoy add mo ako sa FB 3paulx00 tulungan kita asap

I am ready to help. If you need just money transfered in Pokerstars account let me know and respond here. In this case I will ask you few questions, tell you the rules and guides to follow and hopefully you will get your money in hours.

Pinoy Mobber to the rescue.

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