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What changed in my game?

Good month so far... but why?  0   
Indeed. This month micro/freeroll stakes is bringing good results for me ( finally ) to the point it makes me wonder what can be the reason behind it.

So some days back I made a final table in one of BRM's freerolls on FT and made 3rd, and yesterday on stars, I played one of those 20 points tourney and fell in 2nd! my best result to date in a big field

( picture has very low resolution but it was 2nd for $117)

I really can't tell a difference in my game except for the fact that the hands i played held up.. not all of them but the ones determining game life did, only exception was the heads-up part.. but when it started the guy had more than 8 to 1 against me so there was little i could do.

So what do you guys think? something changed or its just a temporary thing...

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Congratulations lukasb! Smile That is a very good result! I play those as well, but still not on the final table.

well if you didn't say that you have changes something in your game, then certainly results are not influenced by your improved skills- i think that every decent poker player has some periods where he is crushing the game (just that those periods are shorter that we would want them to last)...same story is with all those "pro's", look even negreanu had a real heater lately, but previous to this i haven't heard a lot about his success...

good luck, hope this run of yours lasts for ages Thumbs Up

Nice play mon amie.

I think you summed it up with the fact that your hands held up - that is curical to success in a tournament. Your AA in a 3 way has to hold up. Your AK vs AQ has to hold up etc etc.
When they don't unless your chip stack is built, you are struggling to win anything. I've had tourneys where I was nearly a chip leader then got it in twice in a row with the best hands and essentially got dumped out - variance is a unkind uncle. (why do uncles get all the bad rap?)

Congratulation for your nice final tanle result! It´s not a mistery thing, that´s a good run. This is the truth: we are wonderig, when we get no suckouts Big Smile

Wow this is a serious run good that you are on mate, final table freerolls then go to 2nd on the other one! Nice purse skill, you deserve it, hope you can continue to build on this, what will you do with the winnings??

Just keep playing those games and learning you will crush in no time, and dont go spoiling your winnings in high stakes games, or other formats without a clear plan!

Anyway i am a bit jealous of your luck but mine will turn soon and when it happens i'll keep you updated on it! Maybe i'll ship a main event lol!

Nice finish and prize. Congratulations.
Since you didnt do anything different its obvious that you got more lucky than usual.
Some times the results on winning hands surprising any of us.
Hasnt happened before to you, being frustrated in a tournament, decided to stopped playing
and went all in, one hand after another, with crap cards, won them all by pure luck,
made a good stack and continued playing the tourney? Smile

Shock< Woooooooooo-HOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO.......!!!

Jota and Strukli for EVERYBODY!!! Lukas is buying....!!! Big Smile

HEY dude.....nice little win there.... Dollar Dollar Dollar Thumbs Up I've won a lot more than that over the course of a month,...but NEVER that much in one shot!

One of these days I'll nail a big win,...but I've been telling myself that for a LONG time!!! Smile

And continuing...
Changed for fulltilt for the weekend and played a few of those $1.10 rush that they have around the clock just for kicks.
My BR on tilt was ~$6 ( majority of which gathered from brm freerolls Big Smile ) and my streak continued... After a couple of beats made 4th in one cashing in $12 Smile and today after losing a buck on cash game went for another and made 2nd for $27 Big Smile Big Smile .. was a bit pissed lol.. had the guy totally covered going heads up and he won 5 hands in a row with extreme luck to take the victory Disagree

Nonetheless, $37 roll on FT as it stands now. what should i do next? go for the Sunday millions?!? Big Smile Tongue

And yet another 2nd place... AA vs KK and a K on the flop Sad ...
Should i start another thread called "wtf how come i can't get 1st place already?!?" Big Smile

Well... if they keep coming this month i'll continue to update here. If nothing else it will remind me when things start to go bad again, that there were times in October when i felt like a pro and definitely had the luck of one Tongue

Glad your starting to get a few final tables and doing great. How much did you win this time bud?

Good run i believe here, your long-term game result can''t and shouldn't be based on this tho, i would need to see the bigger picture, so i won't vote, but make it work for you, roll with it and spin it up!!!
gluck Nice1 Thumbs Up Smile Diamond

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Posted by Phisix:
Glad your starting to get a few final tables and doing great. How much did you win this time bud?

thx mate. Sry i forgot to say it was another go at those $1.10 rush on FullTilt. 128 runners this time making 2nd place worth ~$23. It's not grand prizes but those tourneys take from what i saw a bit over 1 hour so it's quite a good return for the money/time invested Smile

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