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Anyone playing in these?

I got myself a ticket to event #58 or something worth $5.50 from the satellite with the sign up bonus. So i'll see you Thursday if you are.

Gotta say the signup bonus is pretty balls. You get some very low satellite tickets and then to unlock the $14 part of the bonus you have to deposit, thereby making it a deposit bonus to get that of at least $30.
So unless you do do that the signup is pretty wack.

I like this kind of poker series for micro level players. It is a really good chance to win big prizes for small buyins. Ok it is not so easy against the manics in the first Levels. But after the first break, you have a good Chance to reach a itm place.

I do not play any of them even if on the first look i was attracted by an event..

In the end i decided to deposit once again on 888 and grind some PLO Smile

Keep us posted on your evolution noonlion!

I am not playing any of the events though I would like too, I had my eye on the bounties tournament I love them but there are just 3 I think, 1 or 2 already done, so just 1 remaining and it is scheduled for hours that I cannot play like 4am here and I have to sleep etc.

Best thing is just play the satellites and if you make it to the last bounty tournament and bust people you will already get your buying if I remember correctly anyway good luck to all of you guys if you playing, just hope that in the future I can adapt my times to there and i'll play.

Cheers go for the flip sat!

no sure why u dont sell the tokkens...tourneys is full with players that get gift tokkens, they play it like a freeroll, than blind and ante get to fast high. sorry has not much of poker when after one hour ante is 400chips high. dont like this turbo sshit changed my mtops tokkens i win with free sat tokkens in tournament money and covert it to real, to withraw..

there is one mtops event i will play with 10k pricepoll. buyin 100 ftp poins

I played only one so far and cashed in it too, won my seat in a satellite. they are pretty easy to cash but difficult to make top 100. It's more bingo at the end so having AA or KK at the end is not enough, you really need to hit trips or just win with ambitious hands like J10s, Q10s etc...

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