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Hi guys

This is my invitation to you to join my little club on PokerStars "The Penny Lounge". all games at $0.11 with a star turbo re-buy deep stack that can turn your pennies into a descent bankroll, without ruining yourself.. or your opponents :o)
It is easy to find: Go to your Pokerstars software (or download it if you don't have one) then go to "Home Games", click on "Join a Poker Club", enter tournament ID: 862539, your invitation code is 54545454.
It's amazing what 10c can do :o) See you at the tables..


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Posted by hmidou:
turn your pennies into a descent bankroll

Big Smile Big Smile Big Smile

so you're saying you have pennies club? so what are the requirements for joining: does you penny have to be 15 cm min in length or 5.94 cm in there any difference in the amount of wrinkles you penny has and the actual placement of these?
come on dudes- penny club is open, shove your pennies in...

just joined when is the first game?

Do I need to post here a pic of my penny to join the club?

first game at 12 ET time today (1700h in Europe). approvals of memberships will take place half an hour before the start. Good luck. (and take care of your... penny :o)

Hey mate, joined but I do not think that I will be able to play due to time zone issues, anyway if you get more players, can you adjust the time zone for everyone, like some games in the morning some in the afternoon, at night etc.

Have only $1.50 there so might have fun with it instead of losing it all to the tables.

Also another question that is bugging me for a while, do we pay the rake in the home game??

Or there is no rake, or the rake goes elsewhere. Let me know if you know the answer, it has been a while since I wanted to know about that.

Hi Heskor,
For morning games join the club "Castle Gate" ID number : 862975 , Code: lotsoffun. Good luck.
These are tourney focused clubs so no rakes. But generally on home games Pokerstars takes rakes in ring games and fees in tournaments as usual. good luck.

OP, you should definately post up more details about both home games you posted(here and in the other thread).

I guess all mobsters that would want to join would like to know how many tournaments are per day and how many players in average.

Agreed ^

Just joined now, so need to be accepted. Can play whenever I have them time.

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