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Hey guys I have been running hot on bankroll mob for the past 2 days.

First of all on 31 Oct won 100 mob draw tickets from the mob calendar then today got 50 shots for the mob safe and damn unbelievable I successfully cracked the mob safe after 25 shots.

Now my total mob points is at 4703 and soon i'll be able to withdraw and get back to a new start in my poker journey since I busted my roll the month before. Or maybe saved up more and withdraw at 10k mob points. Big Smile

Anyway cheers BRM for the games and I am very happy to have won!! Happy halloween and good luck guys if you playing the games. Still have some shots left. Good luck to me!! Tongue

very nice for you Heskor Thumbs Up
i hope you keep your hot streak going at the tables and win some Dollar Dollar Dollar Smile
gl at the tables

Yes Heskor,....VERY nice indeedy-doo...!!! Smile Thumbs Up

I've been running 'dry' on the ol' Mob Calendar for about TWO months now.... Not a win until finally THIS MORNING....then BAM:

'Congradulations, You're A Winner' 500 Mob Points...

Hey,...I've noticed there is a heck of a lot and disproportionate number of Mauritians playing on PokerStars.... Is there a huge population there on that little island,....or is EVERYBODY addicted to poker...??? Big Smile

hey glad you got back on track to, was running bad for 2 months or so too before today.

About the pokerstars things, I played the micro limits and never saw one of my fellow Mauritian players, what limits did you saw them on??

Anyway we have like 1.5m people, so it is always the same group of people you find every time. Maybe they are just addicted to poker but I don't know of any winning player in my country. Let me know if you know some. I know I am a losing player. Smile

Heskor,....I've seen many many Mauritians playing in BrM tourneys and many other buy in tourneys from .10c right on up to The Big $11,....although, the smaller the buy in, the more you see them. Smile

Okay, guess i have not seen any of them as I don't play the BRM freeroll as much as I want to but seems like I do not play tourneys enough thats why I do not meet them. I play mostly cash, on the lowest limit.

Played sngs too, anyway the other remaining shots did not yield any more mob points, but anyhow good haul for the day. See ya all, I am going to sleep now. May tomorrow be as good as today. Cheers keep it up guys!!

Good luck mate on the goal of getting 10k mob points, that should be a pretty solid BR to start at a decent limit in safety.

I saw you cracked the safe and really wonder when you'll post a thread about it and here it is Thumbs Up

Haha yeah, it was like i was waiting for me to win, so that I can post my winnings!! Yep hope that the 100 mob draw tickets will be useful, I dreamed yesterday that I won 5000 mob points on the mob draw.

Yeah and 100 dollars is a good bankroll, if i do not tilt and play solidly I should be able to keep the bankroll growing. 50 dollars also good I think, just have to not tilt and improve my game. Anyhow both amounts should allow me to hold off variance if needs arise.

Anyway good luck, hope you get lucky in mob games too and I run hot tomorrow and all my bets comes in later tonight. Cheers keep up guys and thanks Bankroll mob again!!

I think NO TILT should be really the first mindset goal when you are playing poker. And even if you go on tilt you must be able to recognize it and stop playing asap.

After you'll cashout and start playing maybe a blog here could also help your evolution Blink

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