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I'm playing Speed Poker at Ipoker, so I don't know anything about the opposition. It's the lowest level, and I am doing quite OK. Half a BI up. Small, but easy, money.

I pick up Q10, which usually is a folder, but I'm in the BB, they are suited, and a dude raises 3BB.

I'm thinking, "If we get another caller, I'm in. Otherwise fold."

We get another caller.

Flop comes 10 10 8, and I am satified enough to check.

Original agressor raises, second dude calls, I reraise.

Original raiser folds, SD (Second Dude) reraises me.

Now I'm starting to smell something fishy here.

I off course fear 88. He might also have a better 10, like K10, A10. Or, we might have the same hand.

Best case scenario is that he has got J10, which is not impossible.

He also might, and remember that this is the lowest stakes so there is a lot of strange things going on, have QQ or JJ, thinking he has the nuts. Maybe even a slowplayed AA, but I don't think so.

A few times, 20 % -30 % of them, when I have been sure I was beat, I have been pleasently surprised at the showdown by some unespected hand, so he MIGHT have like 107s, och some such. But I don't think so. He has a full stack, and those strange plays are usually done by the smaller ones.


So now I am quite sure I am beat, but not totally.

And I might still draw out on him, with an additional Q or even 10.

I call.

Turn. No luck.

Big bet. I call.

River. No luck.

He goes all in. It's less than half a BI, and I'm already quite invested in this pot. I'm like in some sort of half-daze, and press the call-button.

I know I am probably beat, but I really won't to know for sure.


I'm beat.

So what do you say?

Let's forget about the initial call. But from the flop and on, is there any way for me to get away from this hand? Or maybe there is no fold whatsoever here?

What do you people say?

I would prefer to fold in this case, because you has thrips but no set. Q is weak kicker.
My advise to you:
If you play with Q10s you were aimed on straight, flush or straght flush, then don't change your course.
Your mistake here is playing that thrips.

Thanks for the answer.

I guess you are right, and I knew that deep within.

But you would have not thought of the fact that it is a 5 $ BI, with a lot of strange play? That would not have made you think, "He might have J10, or even worse."?

On a higher level, I think I would have been able to fold.

Yeah: and where would you have folded?

On the flop after the reraise?

Posted by Pjot:
Yeah: and where would you have folded?

On the flop after the reraise?

Yes. At the flop after reraise Thumbs Up
Refers to the pot size, you can also see the turn (in hope to hit the queen)

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I'm a donk but being lowestlimit cash game I go broke here

Posted by magatt966:
I'm a donk but being lowestlimit cash game I go broke here

...imho wud come over the top of the reraise and let the board fill as it may. The other question to ask here, how often does one think Op is bluffing in this spot?...s/he only has to be successful a small % of the time to be profitable. On this hit or miss flop s/he can jam the pot with AKo, AKs, +JJ, you may not have the nuts, your hand is strong. In this spot am willing to pay for the information.

You analysed the hand the way you should have yourself, so really you know the answer. You knew when he reraised you that he had you beat. When the guy reraises after the raiser that's a sure sign you have 2nd top hand. Yeah he may be bluffing but very rarely - why bluff on such a board? Also if you knew the guys style you could safely say he has a hand or not.

The only hands to reraise here are 10x or 88. A pair of aces or kings might reraise to make sure they are indeed beat, but even then there's little value in it.

In these situations if you can make your deducations like you did and do what your deductions tell you you should do, you will fold and save a lot of money in the long term. It's just one of the few things that good players do that average ones can't.

Damn thats a hard beat man. I probably would have made the same mistake. The tip una1bomber gives is nice! I will try that! I wish you the best at the tables man and next time you know what to do Smile

This Kind of Speed cashgames are the best Innovation in the last years. You can Play a lot of Hands without Multi tabling and in the lower Levels you can Play often abc poker to win some bucks. The only Problem are the massive suckouts...

I'd go broke here I guess.. not the happiest moment of my life but still ... he could have all kinds of draws and weaker T's ... not only the nutz ... but yea it's a tricky spot ...

Thanks to you all for your answers.

Seems that a good pokerplayer would have folded, but I am happy that I am not the only one who called/would have called.

On the brighter side: I was drunk as f*ck this saturday, and obviuosly played rushpoker at Full Tilt. At the 5 $ level, I made 18 bucks!

Not that bad, since I hardly remember anything... Cool

i dont think there is anything wrong with the way you played it post flop, my only query is why get involved with q10 in the first place. There was no reason to has you were going along nicely and you should have waited for a better spot

hmm looking at the hands I think you played it properly, even of the pre flop, you called in the hope of hitting a straight, if you had done so and the other guys hit a set he would have stacked off.

As played and said by everyone I would go broke on the flop, if he re raised you on the flop, either he has the full house, with 88 hitting a set, or he could easily overplay the AA, KK,QQ hand. for other Tx hands, there are more hands that you beat.

Still you have a chance to hit the Queens or a paired board to win. Anyway well played. Would have stack off as well.

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