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I just satellited into the Party Poker Pokerfest event #33 ($5.50 + $0.50), by playing a sattelite for $0.95+$0.05.

The thing was, there were 200 tickets given out, and only about 300 players when I registered late (about level 8).

The whole thing just lasted 22 hands, of which I only played a single one; I pushed 33, which held up, doubling my stack.

After that I could comfortable sit out, and fold into the money...

Effectively I got 6:1 odds on a coinflip... Big Smile Big Smile

B.T.W. I did the same thing last week (but played a few more hands then).

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yeah great situation, these do occur from time to time, especially in the smaller rooms with gtd tourneys. kind recall seeing one is p(.)(.)kerstars though, at the end of late reg all the extra ev is usually gone.
6:1 on a conflip is one heck of an advantage- probably would even make monkey a sure longtime winner. not even mentioning the player of you caliber Thumbs Up

Great result for you and many congratulations on an early Christmas present!! These situations dont come along very often and when they do it is always a great feeling. I hope you turn your winnings into something more substantial. Well done again

Thanks guys...

I think these pokerfest satellites have a great +EV because the guarantee is so high (about $1200, and usually only maybe 500 players max). I think people don't see the point in spending $1 for chance on a $6 ticket, ignoring the excellent EV you're getting (this is part of the reason I posted this, maybe some BRM members could benefit).

As it happens, both times I got the $6 ticket, it went well initially, building a well above average stack without needing to rebuy. Then I needed to buy the add-on (these were big add-on tourneys, where the add-on is as big as the average stacksize, so you have to buy them to have any sort of a chance), and soon after was eliminated. So it ended up costing me about T$13 Sad

Still, I played a lot of the Pokerfest tourneys this past week, and showing a modest profit, despite this T$13 loss. (I think I made about $40, while buying in for maybe T$25 or so). I still have about T$350 (tournament dollars) left, that I made from winning the same freeroll satellites many times.

And the Christmas calendar just won me another T$10,- on Party Poker, a few minutes ago! The BRM Christmas calendar is the best!!!

The pokerfest promos good value all round, mainly cos it's at PPP which is a pretty good site to play at, with some sensible play and a good standard with not many stupid calls that blitz a decent starting hand and the tourneys are usually pretty enjoyable.

I just satellited into the $11,- buyin pokerfest main event on Party Poker.

The buyin for the satellite was $0.45+$0.05, I did not have to rebuy, but did get the 30000 chip add-on for an additional $0.45

Likes the ones I mentioned in previous postings, these satellites are great value; there were just 157 players for 50 tickets. By the time I registered late there were just over 100 left...

I think a viable tactic (although I did not do this myself) is to just register as late as possible, and try to survive 20 minutes until the addon, with as few rebuys as possible, because the addon is so large, you'll be right back in it...

Gratz for your qualifying! The sat´s are a great Chance to qualify for a big tournament with a Little buyin. But the best are the step tourneys. One time a quqlifying for a live ept at stars was a dream for the next year.

G'day mate

Keep up the GREAT work.
Glad to see you are doing well.
Hope you can run very deep in one of them big money tournaments too.
best wishes
be cool

Ronin Cool

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