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So finals results before sleeping! I just love to play poker before sleeping thats on of the things I like most in my life Blink I made pretty break even this day on the 10d games and in the 20d made some profit. I was mixing up the 6max and 9man.. In the 6 max i made a profit of around 90d but on the 9man went down 60d or so... I was pretty tired so didn't grind that much for today even I had a break from tennis and everything. HM shows total of 40 sng and 3,5h of playing.. S**t felt like I didn't even played poker today :O but thats how it goes right, when u have fun time goes fast! I made few moves that were not that good, one was in the early stages i went all in with AK against a losing player (should not watch so much the profit of others, feels like when he is losing player he is gonna lose the hands.. sometimes thats not the case) were he 3bet me and I shoved and he had KK.. But not sure what is the right move to do here he could easily raise with AQ why not even AJ and 99+ I seriously was just hoping and thinking that he was gonna fold..

In FTP games there is sooo many regs at this time that its crazy almost non EV profit, I dont want to change sites and play on pokerstars (btw my girlfriend lost today 20d on my PS account)
I just love Full Tilt Poker and to play there! Hopefully there will be more players and more games like before! I miss that! One game were I was just feeling unbeatable was the satellite 9man were 3 players wins to events.. Even one time I won 2 extra ticket because I was the guy who won the most tickets to one event.. But yes games has changed but I haven't change my game since, that should be updated. Now I am struggling to beat the 10d when before everything was just easy!
But I will keep grinding at FTP as long as I feel good there and games a running somehow that I dont need to wait more then 20 minutes to get 6 tables running...

One question for you guys! What is the most tables you have played at once? I was thinking about making my record (16tables my record) on that one when I come home and have a good free time!
Of course I wont be playing the 10d I will lower it to the 5d, and of course I will need to get to profit to succeed !

And at this moment there is going an build up your bonus promotion in FTP which is kind of fun, I will for sure try to make at least 2k points to have a 100d bonus! (maybe a little bit too easy target I have already gained 816 points so far from 3 days out of 10.. But im not sure how much I can play when the tournaments is about to begin, I wont be playing this late for sure.. hope so

A here is my graph from today, I will post also before I go home a graph were we will see if I made a profit from this tennis trip! Smile

Posted by doomdy:
Great scope, keep grinding and keep the bankrollmanagement!

Thanks! and And yes I will keep it in control! Thumbs Up

Today I will try to play little bit more 20d sng then usually and see how that goes and maybe I will feel better on these games and then I could mix between 10d and 20d.. I am right now trying to get the games on but there is almost no one playing the 20d and 10d is getting full really slow so I have time to blog a little... At this moment there is more fishes then yesterday in the games at least there were few moves that I had no understanding what they were doing! I will grind around 2 hours sng's and maybe few super turbo HU if the games does not fill faster Thumbs Up

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Well nice to see you re still doing fine.

about multi-tableling -> the number of tables is not that important, the most important thing is you have to play it profitable.

The more tables you play , the less attention you have for your opponents. Best thing to do is stay at a number of tables that allows you to play comfortable.

GL and keep us informed


Of course if you just wanna be sure to be profitable but its a good fun to see how many tables I can manage to play at the same time to be even little bit profitable Smile Probably I wont make more money per table but maybe the $/h could be bigger with the rakeback and points etc? Well maybe not but will still be fun to do that Smile

Today i didn't just feel like putting so much time on poker, had few practices and felt tired somehow so decided not to play much.. But of course as an addicted who can leave there drugs even for one day? So i played 8 normal sng where I made a 17d profit and I gambled 11 sng hypers with some of them HU.. For once gambling was making money did a total 50d from there so a total of 67d in a short time.. Hell that was even better profit then I made from grinding all night! I wont post a graph this low volume I will add it later to the games where i make a good volume!

But anyway feeling really tired so ill get to sleep as I have a early practice tomorrow to attend and will try to make some volume tomorrow with a better time hopefully! Until next time!

And back for more grinding or not.. Tried to play 10d and 20d and the games were filling SO slow so I decided to try multitablind the 5d.. And on the middle of the games my computer went on a tilt and had to turn it off and on again. I had really no motivation to grind those 5d and I was just hoping that the games were gonna finish soon. So I was calling every possible flip situation which is not usually my game.. I was just thinking hell its only 5d so I came to a conclusion that I was just tired and those 5d were not my game if I dont have any motivation or challenge.. Came down something like 80d when I also tried to win back quickly the amount I lost in the 5d in few HU hyper, this time it was a not so profitable.. But I will go to eat and then come back with hopefully motivation!

I think that in this moment I dont have so much of a motivation the only thing I even play is for the build up my bonus. I just want to get it to 2k points so I get a 100d bonus.. But maybe I will get it back when I play the 10d and 20d Smile will see

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G'day mate

Well you are doing better at SnG's then I am.
I have missed the money in 5 SnG's fifty/50's in a row now.
So my bankroll has taken a hit.
Can not play anymore until I rebuild up my bankroll
Do you have any advice to a fellow mobster who would like to start grinding the SnG' more profitable?
Thank and best wishes
keep up the great work
be cool

Ronin Cool

Well Ronin, check for video s or articles for 50/50 SNG

I saw som instruction videos about this topic on another poker site which I can not mention here.
I was about the poker-strategy that you should use in such games

One of teh basic rules is:

in a normal SNG you want to collect as much chips as you can as you want to finish in the 1 rst place (like a tourney)

in a 50/50 : you want to finish in thwe top 5 ( nothing more and avoid big risks)

Well I see little bit differently sng then thefly131. Don't know which is right but I play that I can just get to the money, I understand that 1place gets you a lot more cash but getting to the money is the first thing I want to do even sometimes folding huge hands just to get ITM.. But in the 50/50 I have played a little of those but not a big sample so I don't know for sure how to play them correctly, but my golden rule is never to be the one to flip on the bubble Smile

I have had sometimes ~20 times (if I remember correctly could be 21 or 22) without getting to the money (sharkscope) So for sure if you play a lot you will come with higher amount of losing in a row, and I like to play with many buy ins but Ive heard that players start with 20-30 buy ins in the lower stakes.. So if I remember correctly u had 30d so 1 d games are just fine Smile

hey bro what is your nickname on PS ?

Why you wanna know my PS nickname? I don't even play there that much

Posted by hemuli:
Why you wanna know my PS nickname? I don't even play there that much

oh I thought you play there Smile So where do you play usually? I just wanted to check your stats Smile

I play on fulltilt but I did play on ps for a long time tough.. But since FTP has been online I just wanted to play there mostly, software is just he best Smile TNSTNS is my nickname.. I think on sharkscope I opted in just to see myself the stats or where u gonna look?

Its pretty late so I will just keep this short.
I started to play few 20d and had a good run in the start but not in the end.. Last 2 games ended when in one of them I had KK in the bubble with around 2k chips and one guy with 2.5k chips shoved with aq and he hit the A on the flop and no help from turn or river.. And the other ended when I was with a big stack of 8600 and the other had 400 and he came from there and won... So with small luck the profit could have been little bit better but still good day overall.. Gambled little bit and made few bucks from there and from the 20d made a good profit ( I think Full Tilt wants that I change to 20d)

And here is my graph also from 2 days, yesterdays graph was so low that I will include it in this one..
So until tomorrow! Good night and see u tomorrow and hopefully everybody crushes there games!

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Hey man, nice looking graph you got there. GL on your grinding Worship

thanks man! Smile

I think soon I have to start changing the title if I don't stop taking things more seriously... I played 20d and I got beated few times not so nicely and then I wanted to win the money back and of course didn't happen as I wanted...

Started to play HU hyper and lost few of them I think I lost 3 hypers in a row and then I ended with a win from HU 35d.. He had AJs I had k4 flop I pushed with the blinds 25/50 ( I had like maybe 650 he had 350) flop was A 2 5 with 2 same color for him and turn 6 and river a nice 3 with the right color Blink

I am now 30d up but feels pretty bad like wins..(already in the morning I was losing on the SNG and won money after from the HU, maybe I should change my game..) I will go to take a break and eat and will see if I continue today with HOPEFULLY grinding.. I should just stick to the grinding and not playing those HYPER TURBOS with so huge variance (happy that ive been lucky on them, but no idea really about the spots where to push etc.. )

So far from 10 HU I lost just 2 so I was from HU up 120d and from sng down 40d and HYPER 6 max 50d down...

well I would advise you if you wanne play SNG HU , stay away from the hypers.

Just focus on standard HU and don t play to many tables.
IT will help you to optimize you HU game, also interesting as you play 1-tables.

Analyze your HU plays and look where you can improve.

The hypers --> to many variance

Had some crazy s**t... I lost pretty many 20d in a row then I saw that there was one 60d 9man so I decided to give a try because that was my favorite game 2-3years ago and I scouted on the players and there was 50/50 fishes and winning players.. But then I lost I think I came like fifth or sixth..
Then there was one 115d HYPER turbo and I was little bit on tilt and it was 5/6 players so I went there on the last.. In the start everything was normal I had one good hand vs the only reg on the table he had already doubled his stack I had QQ and he had TT and good for me he didn't hit his T and then I doubled and the next hand I had AK and pushed everything in and the BB called with his AQ and I was just praying PLEASE THIS ONE THIS ONE!!! Flop was T Q 4 I was already nono this cant be true turn T and river game me the J I was looking for! So now I had 900 chips and there was 4 players left so I felt pretty good and soon after that the reg lost with his a8 vs kj and then there was the bubble... I had 900 chips one had 600 and the other had 300 (+-30 chips here and there) and then it started I was trying to take the 600 guy his chips and in the start it went well, he was of course folding a lot vs me and then they both had like 400 or so and I was leading big time, so I pushed almost every hand but one guy called I think I had like k4 and he had a9 and he hit 9.. But I felt that both were pretty scared money or at least that was my tournament shark saying (avg buy in was pretty low, not that I wasn't but I know the edge of that) so I kept pushing and pushing and I started to win back to the same and then the same happen again I felt down again... I was really starting to freak out because I already had this game !

But I kept on and on and it was like a roller coaster just I was leading then they had to call at some point and no luck with me... Then the blinds were so big 50/100 that it was like a freeroll going on expect everybody was folding Big Smile I had like 800 and they both went all in with each other... and lucky me the one with the most chips won so he had 1k chips I asked for him 50/50 and he agreed.. So from this night everything went okay... Next time I think I wont be that lucky, so I think I will maybe think about my game a little and see from that on.. Thumbs Up

and here is my graph which is for sure wierd.. Smile

Played two 10d sng won the other one other one lost.. Then I tried just for fun kitchen sink in full tilt buy in 5.50 its like hyper turbo 6max 192 players and RUSH I won that.. I think it was my first tournament I ever win Big Smile I dont consider myself a good tournament player Smile So a nice 199 dollars boost to my bankroll.. anyway now I have to go to practice! Later I will keep playing for sure, feels good Smile

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U really dont know how to play a with bankroll management.
Why dont you try out some Aggressive bankroll sit and go management?
I guess it will work out for you though, since i read your last post above.

It suits you and you will never worry about loosing your money, start in levels from 1 to 10.
level 1, u got to have 20 buy in then 2 a total of 30 buy ins with 10 buy in for a new level and 20 buy ins for the previous level... and so on... Thumbs Up

I see some tilt here Agree

I play usually with pretty good bankroll management if you dont look at the last game yesterday Smile (at this moment around 250 buy ins with the 10d games) I just sometimes get little bit pissed and usually it happens when I try to change just like in this case to a bigger buy ins and I lose on hands I shouldn't and also when I make really bad moves and then feels like Aww crap! when I check my bankroll.. But yes my bankroll has not been this big since 2012 so I should be happy even I tilted yesterday and made a profit of 80d (which I really dont deserve) and today starting sng's with a nice +200d profit to start with..

So the thing is not my bankroll management its more the feeling I have inside me that I must change that I dont need to gamble to win them back I can win them back "honestly"... I was not like that before, everytime I lost a hand I felt like paaah it was the right move. Maybe ive changed a little and feeling differently about the game? Or maybe now that I travel so much that I feel that I don't have enough time to grind them back?

I admit doomdy there was just little bit tilt going yesterday... But good that the poker god was saving me from taking my bankroll away dont know what games I would have played after that... Worship

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Posted by doomdy:
I see some tilt here Agree

Well just be carefull as the pokergods are mostly not on your side when you re on tilt-mode.

As long as you know you were wrong and that you were lucky this time...

Bankrollmanagement rules are easy but it s oh so hard to stick to them

blaah blaaah.... soooo baaaadd... I started with +200 profit and ended with 55d profit... Its good profit for a day but im not happy with how the SNG went... I was I dont know how many times on the bubble losing flips etc... One hand was nice when from sb he pushed preflop with a6 and I had aj and the j came on the flop and turn 6 and river 6 Big Smile I was not believing it, why does fulltilt need to give me some relief first and then kick me in my balls? And last sng was also bubble and I had aj again and the other had a9 flop was 9 and no help.. But yeaaah I feel like I made +EV so that's the most important anyway Smile

And yeah I reached the 2K points for the build up for my bonus so a 100d bonus is always welcome! I think that 5k points can be little bit too much I should grind all day and I don't have that.. I also reached platinum level, which give a nice rakeback and a boost once in a week! Ive played 3 days and rakeback is already at 22dollars so guess that if I play 1day=7dollars which would give me around 50d per week... But yeah I cant play huge volume on my laptop just playing 6 tables, waiting already to get home from this country (no offence for turkish people but too much is too much)

and here is my graph who looked pretty good in the start and at the end not so good... But hey something positive I DIDN'T TILTED and went back for the losses ! good me Worship maybe I should have tried one just to be sure if the gods are still with me Evil and from the day I started to play in turkey so 9.12 I am up 290dollars+rakeback with a total of 272 games included everything (tourneys HU sng etc)

Edited by hemuli (15 December 2013 @ 23:17 GMT)

Well my tennis trip has come to an end... I have to admit that when it comes to tennis these 2 tennis tournaments were the worst on my career so far but it was more of an vacation maybe with my girlfriend Smile

And with poker I did little bit money also and with the rakeback and the build up my bonus I made the 100d bonus which was my target in the beginning.. But now im at home and have huge problems with full tilt poker with the computer it was all the time failing somehow at the middle of my games (was little bit pissed off) And for my laptop I couldn't fix the FTP EV problem so I started today to play again on pokerstars just for a while, but I will of course finish my bonus on fulltilt and see if I will continue there. Probably on the day time I will play on pokerstars and in the evening in FTP because on FTP there is not much traffic on the day time..

So Christmas is in few days and I will have one of my best friends from France to come over for new year and have little bit fun ! And today I lost on FTP 36d and on pokerstars after a small grinding I manage to lose also 30d..

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