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Hello brm my Friends have problem with 888 poker recieved tday this email and her acc is suspended without reason, he speaked a me played in frerools and win som money on sit go and cashed out
uploaded id verified butt suspende this is email.

That is weird. I never saw something like this...

Maybe someone got caught of cheating at tables and everyone on table got suspended.

I think you need or you friend asked them if this is temporary. Maybe is just temporary till they make some kind of investigation.

Just write them and ask them. If your friend didnt do anything wrong, I am sure they will give back account.

Maybe you should ask better explanation too.

The patterns we are concerned with include members intentionally losing hands , as a method of transferring funds through our tables.
Seems like multi account and that why you have problems with 88 poker.

No, they suspect him/her for "Chipdumping"

Not sure what the best way to proceed now. I do know that the best support you will get from 888poker is via e-mail. Good luck with this

I made tons of cashouts from 888 and never happend to recieve this type of email...

Before the first cashout i sent ID but that was all. Now i think it's best to defend the case and see the final result of the investigation.

Pretty much standard procedure when collusion is suspected in a site.
They will have to investigate, going through the whole history of the game play,
to see who was involved with it.
Nothing much you can do about it.

In the end it could be a happy end but there are times when also poker site support team make mistakes so you can get banned without no reason...

Collusion is very frequent on cash and sng, on mtt it's harder to make it. Keep us posted with this story!

i recieved thid mail from friend
i think this is good progres or not?

I think it is great news mirex, or I think it is.

When she upload all what they need I think they will give her account back.

This is prob. because they need to see if this account belongs to her.

Other reason is that they need to know that ID wasnt uploaded to other account.

This is just proof that she has only 1 account.

Keep updating

Normally it is enough to re-install the poker software after a upload Problem. Later you can contact the sSupport or live spport for another problem. Yesterday i saw the first time promoClip from in the tv.

Posted by Arty182925:
I think it is great news mirex, or I think it is.

This is great news mirex, or I think it is.*


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