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Rush Adrenaline Knockout - Leaderboards with $60,000 in Prizes!  0   
this would give an incentive to some people to play as they want to get the prize but they will bust before they arrive at it if they play just to get all in. Nice promotion for the gamblers that have unlimited funs!

yea most people will probably spend way more than they will gain from this promo, even if they get one of rewards, lol

It's interesting to see how people approach leadrboards, with inevitably a number of players who spend a load of their stack to get to the top of the board to make the most of the prizes on offer. No doubt they have a careful balance between whet they spend and the amount they cold win, but there will still be a loser somewhere at the top of the table.

Adrenaline Rush is something new on Full Tilt. I'm sure For most online poker players this novvovedenie have to taste and they will Savoury more poker game!

Wow ...I am not quite sure whether to participate or not.

It is very nice promo, but I'm afraid of bankrupcy Big Smile
The variance is pretty high, and I think it will be higher with too many people trying to bust out players to get points for the ledearborad.

May be I will try with 10 bucks at the lowest level to see how it goes. If I lost them that will be all for me.

Gl all!

just a gamblers paradise,
youre chances of winning big are probally higher with roulette then this promotion Smile

still 60k worth of prizes is alot and nice for the gamblers around to participate

good luck for those trying to get a prize

This really is a game of luck but if you are feeling lucky what a great tournament to play in for you. I dont like these kind of things but i know there will be a lot of enries for this and good luck to you all

The only winner of the "coinflip" poker is the site,
And full tilt even comes with rush poker variant of theses, what a great idea!
More hands per hour = more rake.

I already saw that on many poker forums this was already called bingo poker and frankly i think they are right.

I see very little difference between this game and a fold or all in table only that is much faster. I will personally remain playing regular rush poker.

OK,after only half hour of playing this new form of rush poker i don't think it meets my needs or taste. At around 30 hands lost 20bb.Four handed,so fast that made me to reach point of pathological stress!!Sit out for a while then with a rally of pure luck made plus 25bb and immediately walk out. Honestly,no need for this. Prefer waiting on normal zoom/rush tables to push hard with premium hands than to mess around with NOT even having the chance to see the flop.

BankrollMob Forum » News » Rush Adrenaline Knockout - Leaderboards with $60,000 in Prizes!

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