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Something new for the SnG players. Ipoker introduced "Twister P0ker", a new 3-handed SnG type. It is a winner takes all tourney, where a part of each buy-in is moved in to a jackpot, that can be allocated to any twister table. So players can win between 2 and 1000 times their buy in.

Advantage: If players get lucky with the jackpot, they can win big with a small buy-in.

Disadvantage: If no part of the jackpot is allocated to the table, players can only double up, even if they win a 3-handed tourney.

Kind of weird promo.

I'm not currently playig at Ipoker but I used to do it.
I remember the rake was retty high for Sit&Go at microlimits (around 20%).
If that is still the case I'm not quite sure whentehr these promo might be profitable. I mean unless you get the jackpot you are gonna be lossing pretty much all the time.

Anyway good luck to the player who will be tryting to win some extra bucks with this promo.

Gl all!!

well shokaku pointed out advantages and disadvantages really well- you do play for a potentially significant win in the form of jackpot, but agree to play -ev games is exchange...i think this is more suited to those who like to gamble more, not the real grinders. gl who takes part in these, any updates are welcomed.

Sounds like a good idea, anywhere you can win big for a small outlay is always a good idea in my book. I hope to read of peoples adventures on these tables in this forum and it would be great to read of a big win for a minimum outlay

Looks like rush adrenaline, fewer players on the tables, more money all in all the time, more rake for them and at the end of the day they are profiting from fishes who is going all in crazy. Poker is becoming like a lottery more and more with those new inventions.

Still if you fancy your luck in winning a jackpot go for it. It might be good!

Why not just play a normal SnG and buy a lottery ticket? It amounts to pretty much the same thing.

It sounds like another way of iPoker trying to get more money from the players
for absolutely no reason at all. It seem they have lost the ball completely there.
zeroster has a very good point, thats a better option Smile

i played one on 770 and won it and got... 2$.

long story short, i dont like it.

and its nothing like rush, in rush you can be sure ur gonna win this or that, here you have no idea (or most of the time you do, its gonna be 2$ for 1$ BI) so yea its like a bingo+poker combo.

kudos to iPoker for trying new and innovative methods of making poker less poker and more of a luck game, thats just what poker needed.

makes you wonder whats gonna be next... a true combo of bingo and poker maybe? You could chose 5 random cards and if you get 2 or more right on flop/turn/river you kick your opponent out regardless of his hole cards.

god that one would be amazing, ill mail it to iPoker reps after i register it on my own name.
Just give it another few months and ull be able to play pokers newest version in :

Bingoker, brought to you by ™Theapple© and iPoker network.

future is bright Tongue

Edited by Theapple (22 January 2014 @ 16:36 GMT)

Bingoker, brought to you by ™Theapple© and iPoker network.

ok her is my first impression on twister poker: at first glance it looks like a mix of poker and 10% casino side game.
three handed super turbo (winner takes it all) sng

i have played 10--$ 1 sngs and the price pool was 7 times $ 2---2 times $ 4---amd 1 time $ 10
the buy-in is still $ i dont know why.
unlucky as allways i did`t not cash the $ 10 pricepool
if you like short handed/heads up suer turbo sngs it could be some fun

cheers Spade

fine, now im convinced its good. im playing 2k bonanza thingy atm and if i get to the final table ill try playing 2x 1$ turboslotssngs :o)

yea im sure some people will make more money than expected, but so will bingo players. i just prefer to know what am i paying for, before i pay for it Cool Big Smile

Well the question is do you want to play poker or play lottery

for lottery there are options enough like euromillions (the chance to win are low but the prices very high if you are the luky winner)

2 nd option play normal SNG so you get what you win (minus rake)

3 rd option play poker like the donkss in the freerolls (allin first hand) nd cross your fingers

well theres a huge chance to win 1,000$ with just 1$ sng (should happen quiite often imo, 1 in 20.000 are decent odds...). so umm yea, its awesome.

ah and lets not forget that you also gotta win that one, once you get your 1 in 20.000 jackpot SNG, so your chances are 1 / 20.000 x 3 = lottery ticket area. lets not forget its hyper format too.

So variance aside, if all that works as intended and you get one in 20k, you are all but guaranteed to win that jackpot just by playing sngs. And you dont even need to play that many, its just 60.000 sngs we are talking about here.

Or you could be unlucky because odds of 1 in 20k might never actually give you a shot at jackpot, even after 6.000.000 sngs played.

with all that said, those are decent odds imo, so theapple thinks its just a great, amazing, even awesome addition to our beloved poker world.

Let's do the Twist ! Big Smile

Today i made a missclick, when i was opened the 770-Poker-Account.
There Comes a Popup with "Twister..." and i clicked "OK", because i thought the window will closed but was must i see: a Twister SNG started ( 1 $ ).
But what should i say : i won it !!!!!!! Big Smile Dollar Heart Smile

Attached ImagesTwisterchamp.jpg

You got lucky through your misfortune clicking on it, in the first place.
Now that you know how it works, be sure not to make the same mistake in the future.
A little bot pathetic having it there, confusing players and signing by mistake.

i just found i got 5$ on one of my ipoker accounts, was just checking everything i have installed before i uninstall some of them, lol

at first i played 6 sngs, won 4, but the sad part is i was only 4$ in plus... all 6 were 2$ each (surprised? Big Smile), so you basically gotta win 50% of them, just not to lose money. To actually win some you gotta win more than 50% -.-

and then i also played 2 more (i shouldnt, i know i shouldnt and if it was serious br management i wouldnt touch those sngs, even with pochuis money), but i basically discovered free $5, so theres no br to begin with Big Smile

and thats where it all changed... *drums*

i got 2 more 2$ sngs, cried a bit and closed twister poker.

ty ipoker, twister poker is awesome.

I think in long run, profit would be very similar if you would play like 10000 regular 3 handed hyper turbo SNGs and same amount of twister SNGs... Cause the jackpot is made just from buyins of all players, theres no additional money given... In shorter period of time theres more luck involved (if you will be able to win those SNGs with big prizepool or not)

Posted by Weenie:
I think in long run, profit would be very similar if you would play like 10000 regular 3 handed hyper turbo SNGs and same amount of twister SNGs... Cause the jackpot is made just from buyins of all players, theres no additional money given... In shorter period of time theres more luck involved (if you will be able to win those SNGs with big prizepool or not)

not only that but you get MUCH less iPoker points per 1 twister sng than you would for normal sngs, not sure about exact numbers but i believe its close to 50% less pts (lower rake obv, because lots of ur buyin % goes into fueling the jackpot(s) )

they are much worse option than normal sngs (unless u like to gamble a lot, and in that case well... they are still worse option but that wont stop you from playing them Tongue), and arent that good if ur playing for rakeback, or FDB Evil

This is a very difficult Tournament to win and the only good side to it is that there is a small buy in and if you do get lucky you are going to win monster big. I would rather play in a normal structured tournament but good luck to whoever plays in that tournament

So i guess the winner isnt a BRM member cause we havent seen a thread about it yet Smile
Some lucky guy won already 10.000 US$ from that twister thingy.
That one will definitely say that playing these games worth it Smile

Yeaaaah sounds like jackpot casino Shock

chances like 1/20 000 ; who can prove it and even make a decent amount of games to find out ?

I think is well-created to make rake to the pokerroomm; 1$ to win 1000$ ? sounds great but mathematically it's like casino always win game Smile

IMO not worth to play.

Well i think i played like 8 games, 5 games with $2 , 1 with $4 , 1 with $6 and another 1 with $10 prize pool. Lost the ones with $2 , won the other 3, $4, $6 and $10 so ... im on profit, so IMO it is worth to play. So bad that $100 , $200 and $1000 are close to $2 if i remember right.

Have a nice day / night and GL.

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