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High Stakes: Good start to 2014 for Isildur1

The Swedish Full Tilt Poker Professional Viktor "Isildur1" Blom is on an incredible winning streak at the moment! After a pretty bad start to the new year, suffering approximately $600k in losses during the first 2 weeks, Blom has turned things around and is now up an incredible $1.7 million (43,879 hands)! Over a million dollars of his profit this year comes from the 8-Game tables, but he's also[...]   Read more » High Stakes: Good start to 2014 for Isildur1

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Its always the same thing and I wonder how he can whistand those swings, he must be very strong mentally, that's one of his qualities that I admire about him. Cheers, hope he continues to grace us with these headlines!!

woner how much rake he generates this way. lol ... poor guy ended up with just 500k profit last year :/

just 500k, and thats most likely without rake, it makes you feel sorry for him (:

I love to read the stories on this guy and long may it continue. His swings are unbelievable and to 'only' make 500k last year is laughable. I hope that he keeps playing for a while yet

im sure he wont be done playing for some time Tongue i mean poker is all hes been doing since he was what... 15? Tongue

Wow some quality winnings there... hope ill be there someday.. haha first build up some deposits before i can play high stakes

instead of handing out demo tapes to rappers i think i should send my hand history to blom so he can make me a 500k/year winner

He's up a small countries GDP, then he loses the economy of several nations...up and down.

He seems to be more consistent now though but such is life that he will lose again, and win again, and lose again, and i think you get the picture.

It's a pretty good amount for under a month but when you are talking about Viktor you need to have patience...

I mean after a crazy weekend he could lose all that money plus an extra half a million.

We need to wait the end of the month at least.

Good luck for him . save ur Money !

He is product of rigged site.They present him like some superstar to attract naive from all around world to deposit and play.I watch this guy once on big event and omg what he doing,play OP all inn with A7o vs kk on button and ofcourse shove 7 on flop and magic river7 for trips and he keep going this donkie style and winning hands with junks,unvalivable,from mars you see its fixed to give him a win,if anybody of us playing like this,we probably kick out after few hands

1. Personally,i don't pay too much attention to these type of news. Variance of playing at stake which Isildur1 plays can be really cruel. One months earnings can vaporise on one sessions bad luck or bad play,called is as you wish. Recently I sit and watch some of these sessions and I realized that the highest pots are matter of luck. High rollers never believe their opponent and 3betting 4betting 5betting and finally shove like maniacs. Huge pots gathering and transferring piles of money both sides of the play. Told before that Victor has to score big to one big event to establish himself among the greatest overall players and not just a high roller gambler.

This guy is unbelievable. I like his style so much. He's a very good player.
And these winnings make him better player.
I am sure he will be more successful in the world of poker.
After his very bad start, he could overcome and come back.
And could win a lot of money.

After the wins that he had in the last days he is up more than 2 millions this year.

I like that he started playing PLO again, those draw games base way too much on luck, much more compared to NLHE or PLO, plus they are not fun to watch.

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