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As some of you already know I started to blog for bankrollmob but i wanted also to start a new thread to keep the update from shorter period so that I dont need to write long stories about one or two days..

So anyway today I wanted to play just one small session with 8 tables at the same time and saw that fulltilt poker started with blackjack roulette etc.. And decided to test little bit how its working, ended up playing with blackjack after few sng that i played bad and wanted to take them quickly back.. U can know the rest, started with 5d and ended up with 100d bets on blackjack that I don't even know the right things to do (of course everybody knows how to play but to get even a decent odds you must learn a little) I was already at some point with 2.5k (started with almost 3.2k) and then "climbed" back with good blackjack grinding to 3.4k Big Smile Even i know that i get little bit gambling sick when im losing but still couldn't stop playing.. I remember getting 2 times in a row bj with 100d and then I finished my sng tanking and won 2 of them and then I checked my HM I was not even down in the sng (2dollars up) so basically I was not even trying to win back.. of course at that point i didn't think so.. So today over 200d winning, am I proud? no.. am I happy? yes.. It just doesn't feel like winning money when u gamble.. But once again poker god was helping me Thumbs Up tomorrow maybe few games before my plane leaves to Egypt and will see that how there is the games and internet, maybe focusing only on tennis.. Will see (who am I kidding of course I am gonna gamble)

You seem to be doing okay on the gambling front and i would keep going if i were you. You do seem to be playing a lot of different games and if you concentrate on one discipline you might do even better. Keep updating us on your ups and downs of gambling

I rather stay away from the gambling where you don´t have an edge over your opponent (the house).

I have to agree with you... Blackjack is not +EV, I know the basic stuff of course but still it impossible to win the house in the long term.. So why I play blackjack? Because im stupid and a gambler.. I know that its better not to play blackjack but its so "easy" to win back that its hard not to play.. But one good thing that seems that in Egypt I dont find the blackjack roulette etc.. Maybe its forbidden here? Don't know but im glad that I dont find it, especially when my internet its not the best so I tend to play easier casino games then usually... Maybe I should write Fulltilt that they could ban me from all casino games Smile Sorry doubletop777 but im trying not to continue with the casino games.. Its like a disease for me...

I played few games tried few HU hyper just for fun to see that if the internet would work, just few 1d HU and one 2d HU in one of them I was sitting out the all game... So today Im heading to some shop to find some good internet to my phone so that I could give my laptop internet...

Great to see that you also started up a thread except the official bankrollmob blog that you have on Smile

What do you usually play on full tilt poker and on what limit?


I try to play only SNG 6-9max turbos 20d-35d (some shots in bigger limits as well) and sometimes on pokerstars MTT when I have time and the MTT really depends on what is the prize pool Smile
But I play also HU sng with hypers also from time to time when things is not going good to get the money back fast Blink

yea you should definitely ask ftp to restrict casino games on your account. As with most gamblers, you might actually win some more with it, but sooner or later you ARE gonna lose it all :/

and 3,2k is actually... well fkin awesome poker br so please, dont waste it on casino games (:

lets say you play blackjack and what... you could, maybe double your money, or whats more likely lose it all in no time. Now if you would keep that br for poker only, even if all you do is play $11 mtts (extreme example, highest variance games there are) you got like 300 buyins and you could actually win something really big and not hope to win $200 with $100 on blackjack Tongue

things as i see them - you could lose big, and win small with blackjack. or keep that br for poker only. bah i dont think thats even a choice, if you really want to keep playing blackjack ill give you my ftp name and you send me some of your money before you lose it all, lol


ps: just stay away from casino, you got lucky and won some, now dont give it away that easily Blink

Haha Blink I think ill just try to calm my gambling Smile somehow in egypt im not allowed to play casino games Confused so its gonna be only poker for few weeks anyway! Yesterday I lost around 130dollars with 40dollars because of the hotel's internet... bye bye money... Aww crap! So today went to buy internet for my phone to link it to my laptop, today tested and worked like perfect!
And managed to grind also a little bit and I was running pretty good, I think that like 70% flips I was hitting etc.. So cant say anything bad about luck Smile So in total I was almost 400dollars up for this day and my bankroll grew up to 3.65k or now I have little bit on stars and on moneybookers also but the total should be around 3.65k dollars Smile

I have a mac with me so dont have any graph to give now sadly Sad

Thinking about buying either sharkscope or pokerprolabs, I like more shark but pokerpro is showing fulltilt and shark is not so will see... and 60d per year when I already bought tournament shark in the other computer blaaah, back then it was just buy it once for lifetime deal..

haha, went I counted my bankroll I didn't even see that I was registered to one sng... And when I was almost shutting my computer the SNG started... Big Smile it was a 35d 9man and then decided that I play also few mores but there was no games running except one 20d 6max.. I won the 35d and came 2nd on the 20d so a small boost of around 130d to a total of over 500d for one day! Dont remember when I have won that big on just grinding sng.. It was back in the 2010 golden years.. So bankroll now is looking almost 3.8k dollars! Now to sleep... Until next time! Smile

Grinding maybe around 3hours with 20d and 35d SNG games and made 175d profit from them. Hopefully luck is not gonna turn anytime soon, feels good to win few days in a row little bit more then usually Thumbs Up My bankroll is pretty near 4k now, 20dollars short.. so hopefully I will get that by tomorrow!

Today early to bed (meaning now) tomorrow is a tennis match around 12 and should try to kick some ass! Evil

Sorry for not posting any graphs I will right away put some graphs when I come back to home or maybe even earlier if I decide to buy sharkscope or pokerpro! Smile

Edited by hemuli (11 February 2014 @ 20:23 GMT)

Today won my tennis match in 3 sets, third set was pretty sick he had break point at 44 and only on the 7th matchpoint I manage to win, started with 0-40 on his serve but didn't get one and then made deuce-ad few times, he didn't have a game point so happy about that, tomorrow starts again at 10am, so have to get early to sleep! Smile

Had little bit time to play poker too, played around maybe 7 games and made +-0d.. One hand was pretty sick on the bubble:
Dont think anybody could have folded that one, even I was pretty sure to be on the money...?

Full Tilt Poker Game #33894377471: $35 Sit & Go (Turbo) (264463850), Table 1 - NL Hold'em - 60/120 - 18:39:47 EET - 2014/02/12 [11:39:47 ET - 2014/02/12]
Seat 2: andos2976 (1,010)
Seat 4: TNSTNS (2,510)
Seat 5: fivecentcandy (5,480)
fivecentcandy posts the small blind of 60
andos2976 posts the big blind of 120
The button is in seat #4
*** HOLE CARDS ***
Dealt to TNSTNS [Qc Ac]
TNSTNS raises to 240
fivecentcandy calls 180
andos2976 folds
*** FLOP *** [Tc Jc Kd] (Total Pot: 600, 2 Players)
fivecentcandy checks
TNSTNS bets 240
fivecentcandy raises to 5,240, and is all in
TNSTNS has 15 seconds left to act
TNSTNS calls 2,030, and is all in
fivecentcandy shows [Th Kh]
TNSTNS shows [Qc Ac]
Uncalled bet of 2,970 returned to fivecentcandy
*** TURN *** [Tc Jc Kd] Queen of diamonds (Total Pot: 5,140, 2 Players, 1 All-In)
*** RIVER *** [Tc Jc Kd Qd] 10 of spades (Total Pot: 5,140, 2 Players, 1 All-In)
fivecentcandy shows a full house, Tens full of Kings
TNSTNS shows a straight, Ace high
fivecentcandy wins the pot (5,140) with a full house, Tens full of Kings
*** SUMMARY ***
Total pot 5,140 | Rake 0
Board: [Tc Jc Kd Qd Ts]
Seat 2: andos2976 (big blind) folded before the Flop
Seat 4: TNSTNS (button) showed [Qc Ac] and lost with a straight, Ace high
Seat 5: fivecentcandy (small blind) showed [Th Kh] and won (5,140) with a full house, Tens full of Kings

anyway now going to eat and maybe later few games more... Haven't made much volume these days but have been happy with the profit, I did made the platinum on FTP so getting little bit rakeback Thumbs Up

Hey man are you playing Futures in Egypt???

One countryman is playing there also, Hans Polidnik is his name.
I follow his matches often.

Nice to see that you are winning.
Gl man, I really hope you can climb a lot on the ATP ranking this year.!!!!

Thumbs Up

Just took a sick 3hours win 16 75 76(6) He was leading second set 25 but then won few games in a row Smile so reaally happy and reaally tired.. Gonna take small nap and see if I have the force to play few poker games... Hopefully I have some power left for tomorrow match...

Yeah I know him Smile practiced with him few times... Really nice guy!

Played almost nothing just maybe 10 games in total.. Im not even sure if I ended up few dollars up or down... Now to sleep, tomorrow important tennis match! until next time! Chiaaaooo Jipppiikaaaieeeee Thumbs Up Thumbs Up Thumbs Up Thumbs Up Heart Heart Heart Heart

Edited by hemuli (13 February 2014 @ 20:50 GMT)

Today went to the semi final with a 75 61 win! I tought that yesterday's match would have made today harder but felt physically great, a small 3h in the sun with 28degrees doesn't feel anywhere the next day Blink

And in poker lost 100d didnt even play a long session.Today early to sleep.. Tomorrow semi final starts around 12! Lets gooooo, I think there is even some betting for the match at least for todays match there was, should have put some money in me guys Blink

Today lost in semis in 3sets 62 36 46 vs a guy who was around 360 in the world... What can you do Sad Had my chances but didn't take them and opponent took the chances when he had them.. Its like poker! But anyway tournament went little bit better as I tough it would go, this was only my second semi in a future Smile 6 ATP points means a lot with this ranking so I will climb few position aswell!

And of course when I lose a match, all im doing is relaxing= playing poker Smile) And today grinded I dont know how long but made over 1000 FTP points! Won little bit over 500d, bankroll went up to 4.4k! So god is still somewhere helping me, yesterday lost but won in tennis.. today the opposite, thank you god for being even little bit decent Thumbs Up

but anyway waiting for the next tournament, starting at tuesday or wednesday.. Tomorrow day OFF completly or in fact I have to do some small workout that my legs could move on tuesday but nothing big.. Maybe I could try to put some volume tomorrow, dont know if I have the power and the WILL! Thumbs Up but yeaah, now TO SLEEP! Until next time, TNSTNS out!

In the morning played just few games before had to go to watch my girlfriends tennis match... Made a quick 100d from few games, please dont poker god dont stop my upswing <3 so now my roll is around 4.5k.. Now waiting to play few tournaments if I have time! There was some freeroll in FTP for the miniftops at 15 will see if I get in time to play that one.. Life is good!

wooow! just ended in the MTOPS event 4 third cashing almost 3k! Now god is really somewhere watching me Smile))))))) Now to sleep!

Edited by hemuli (17 February 2014 @ 00:46 GMT)

Ill write here instead of replying in the oter blog.. Well from the first time since I started to play again in december... I lost my motivation completly to play poker, and all you need is is a downswing.. At this point my bankroll is 5k, I know its very big money especially for me when at this point I dont make much money from tennis.. The games I play its just for winning ATP points and entering to the next level.. You have to win money in these tournaments to cover the hotel and flights and other stuff.. So at this point I will take few days atleast break and try to win my motivation back to grind.. Usually my motivation goes the same way as my confidence, it means I have no idea what games I am a winning player.. I tried to play in pokerstars 30d sng but dam they were tough, i think that I played the same way as in fulltilt but just couldnt reach to the money enough to win money.. So maybe I will find the game I want to play in these few days and hopefully with some confidence Smile probably gonna grind the lower games sng for a while to get the confidence, will see Smile or maybe not

Until better next time, tchaaooo brooos!

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