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Aussie Millions: Phil Ivey Wins the $250,000 Challenge ($4,000,000)

The Aussie Millions AU$250,000 Challenge attracted 46 entries this year. Phil Ivey was one of the players who fired only one $250k bullet and he made it to Day 2 with 622k chips (7th place). He then made it to the eigh-handed final table with the second smallest stack (976k), but he played very well and (after several hours of play) made it to heads-up against Isaac Haxton (PokerStars Team On[...]   Read more » Aussie Millions: Phil Ivey Wins the $250,000 Challenge ($4,000,000)

Aussie Millions: Phil Ivey Wins the $250,000 Challenge ($4,000,000)  0   
This guy is truly amazing and is without doubt the best poker player in the world. He only seems to play against the very best and nearly always comes out on top. Many congratulations again to Phil Ivey

Wow! What a final table lineup.

So many awesome players with amazing abilities (math guys, soul-readers, bluff-kings). Worship

Would have loved to see that televised with cards-up.

Holy s**t yeah the final table is sick with top players. Cheers to Ivey great start to the year and Daniel still going strong being in final tables and close to the money.

If I ever won like Ivey or even Dwan I would retire and put my funds in other income, like insurance, investment etc and live off interest for the rest of my life!

WTF?I think this should be nominated final table of the year without waiting to see the rest.Have to add that Erik Seidel finished in 7th place ,out of prizes becoming the bubble boy of the tournament.
.With that prize Phil Ivey got through to second place of the all time profitable players from live tournaments!!First currently is Antonio Esfantiari with $26,219,676. while Phil Ivey follows with $21,252,120 just 2000 dollars ahead of Daniel Negreanu.
Cant wait to see on video this great final table and specially the heads up battle between Phil Ivey and Isaac Haxton.

Really sweet win for Ivey, i think he did not won a big event for months if not years.

The buy in was pretty big but i like that so many big names participated, i hope the find videos online from this event!

/yes wow at the final table and placings. Awesome poker action. This might be worth seeing on youtube.

As for Ivey, the dude is a stone cold killer on the table. He is as natural a gambler as there is, and not just at poker he finds an edge anywhere in any spot in many games. Respect.

As Daniel, the guy is dropping it hard this last year in all kindsa poker games.

What a table!The cream of poker players and it seems Phil Ivey is back on the "winning horse"
This table I would like to see on tv. And maybe learn how to be good at poker Big Smile
Ivey is like iceman cold cool and no emotions very hard to read

Conratz 2 Phil. Really fantastic player, although I'm a fan of Daniel N. %)

Reading all those finalists names, this table was sick. And slick. No doubt about it.
Too bad we only saw the final hand in the article, I would be curious how Ivey fought his way back into winning this thing. And the prize money is getting sicker too. I dont remember who complained last week that poker is dying, but these kind of prizepool show one thing, Its far from being dead.
Was there a live stream from the event? I might would watch it next year...

Phil Ivey

is a player who has the luck of cards, so
If you look at the tables of books has just luck, or is good ?

I didn't watch this neither gave a close look the situation of both finalists when they met for the heads up, but 1 million chips difference doesn't seem that much when having 80k/160k blinds. After all, we're talking about less than 7 BB's. I'm not taking value to Ivey's work at the tables, he's one of the best actually, just wanted to make everyone think about what can 7 BB's mean at a final HU.

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