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Money Go, Money Come; Weekend Plans  0   
nice one, now that makes it up for the last week loss too Smile

but that meeting spot is kinda dangerous though, its like giving a kid $2 in a candy store, makes you wonder where will he spend that money eh :=D

either way, win or lose, its great stuff as usual. have fun on your trip Tongue

Love reading these blogs... Have a great weekend out there

Well try cooking next time on Valentines Day like a rest of us did Big Smile (and go to restaurants on simple days when they wont mark up their offering or booked fully), It will work as wonders - my gf took a night shift this week so it was only a lunch at noon but still...

"The dealer would have busted several times if she hadn't split every single pair of 10's. We didn't complain or tell her off though, I mean.. it was her own money (let's hope she has a lot of it) after all."

Now this one is tricky, Im still not sure they werent hired by the casino to try eff things up for you and your friend - winning streak and whatnot - to make it easier to the dealer. Almost every place have some occasional washed up gamblers, coolers and so on to 'cast a spell' to the winning players its not just some Vegas legend so anyway I wouldnt be suprised if you see them again in a couple of weeks at some other table - making interestingly odd choices - if you go back to play...

This is the best hangover cure known to man, winning money! Well done to you for getting back on the horse so quickly and this is the sign of a true gambler. Congratulations again on your win

Cheers your life looks cool and I wanna live like you, and I love your story about the girl that broke the old man heart, sad he was so happy and manage to talk to the dealer, just to be turned down lol.

Good luck and have fun !!

You blog posts are simply awesome, BRm admins did a great job when they choosed you to write down a blog Big Smile

I cannot say how good is to live in Malta, i mean you have acces to many casinos compared to other european countries. Can't wait for a casino poker adventure Smile

BankrollMob Forum » News » Money Go, Money Come; Weekend Plans

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