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I have never played on Party Poker before, because I've never liked the look of it, but I've heard new things since it merged with Bwin so thought I'd try it out.

Unfortunately you have to deposit on there first before you can play, so I deposited the absolute minimum £6 ($9) and set to work on the ring games to grind away my 100% bonus.

Well things got going nicely, and within about an hour I'd doubled my money.

Well I've just been hitting it, and hitting it, and hitting it some more. I've cleared the bonus and now stand at the nice princely bankroll of $318

Not only that I am ITM in a $20 MTT so about to win another $65 at the least.

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nh sir Thumbs Up Club

Just banged another $70 into the account so up to $380.

Being honest too tired to play now, been up all day playing, so decided to just go busto as its 1am in the morning and I need sleep.

I'll keep you posted how I get on.. $5k bankroll builder tomorrow.. Nice chance of some more cash...

that's a pretty good heater man.. $9 -> ~$400 in how long? Nice work Worship

Posted by jessthehuman:
that's a pretty good heater man.. $9 -> ~$400 in how long? Nice work Worship

36 hours.

Been a lot of grinding, bit of BRM mismanagement and a fair bit of luck.

Now up to $423 plus mountains of tickets to freerolls and event qualifiers.. So looking good so far.

Seeing where the money has come from ($20 flip HU SNGs and a lucky HU shot at $100 and $200 HU respective) this deserves no respect or anything at all.. Was hoping to see at least a lucky MTT run that you ran it up with, but got disappointed.

gog go brother take there money,I love playing there so much,restored my passion for playing,I'll say that,I play almost everyday on party my room of choice now... Big Smile

Sexy poker!

Nice run - keep it up as I imagine they might say in the porn business. I've gone on some nice runs off small deposits but not that much.

Thumbs Up Dollar

Congratulations on your wins. It is an impressive number, in such a short amount of time
But i see you are playing coinflips. Is it the same like FT where you go all in every hand till
someone wins? If thats the case consider cashing out some, or most of it,
cause it can go the other way even faster Smile

congratulations man great job
For me this weekend was crap lost my bankroll.Now the only way up is grinding again with brm leaderboard.No money no joy, no pain no gain
Got to work hard to rebuild my bankroll

nice one fcumred Thumbs Up keep it going mate and spend it wisely,hopefully you will get it up to that $1,000
by this time next week. Smile

Congratulations my friend. You seem to be on a serious upswing and I give you my best wishes to somehow manage to maintain it.
But I have one question to make:Coinflips are what I think they are?All-in no matter what cards are dealt?
I am not familiar with Partypoker's software and I think such type lacks from Pokerstars and Fulltilt. Correct me if I am wrong ,please.
Due to The starting bankroll (9 dollars) , the final (423dollars) looks very hard to achieve so no matter the type of game you used to play you deserve the credits.No need anyone to be jealous guys congratulate the man !! Thumbs Up Thumbs Up

Posted by MB30:
you deserve the credits.No need anyone to be jealous guys congratulate the man !! Thumbs Up Thumbs Up

You want to say I'm jealous (since I'm the only one critisizing in this thread)? Big Smile Big Smile Big Smile

I simply think a heater deserves no respect,thats all. Everyone can get that heater. I can acknowledge a good work, like jovicakralj and the thread he's writing, thats something that has to be acknowledged as good work to maintain that winrate over a real samplesize. But it has nothing to do with being jealous when I say that a few lucky HEADS UP (!!!) SNG wins,especially if part of it are flip SNGs, deserves no credits. I also would have no reason to be jealous because I have 5 figure profits over the last 22 months myself.

Needless to say, he has since starting this thread dropped at least $300 (probably more) again and is back at coinflip HUs of $1 and under buy in now.

My advice would be too cash out 75 percent of it and play with the rest but fatigue can lead too a losing streak and take advantage of Party Poker Promotions with there Mission objectives nice work anyways Blink Blink Thumbs Up Thumbs Up

any updates on this one? Heart

bemyatm in his last post says he was down 300$.
I dont know where he got that info from, probably from those
tracking softwares.
I did a search for a couple of minutes with the nickname from the screenshot
but i couldnt get any results.

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