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CHICAGO – Today in Chicago the news broke-out that a man actually sold his car to buy shoes, 32 year old father of 3 Michael Forest sold his 2005 Honda Accord on craigslist to bid on a pair of “Nike Air Yeezy 2 Red October” shoes the auctions ended at $4,200 with Michael placing the winning bid, We spoke to his son 14 year old Wade Forest and he said “I fu*king hate my dad” Michael Forest’s daughter who asked to be kept anonymous said “She has no idea how she will get to school.” Michael tells “Who needs a car when you have swag.” his wife declined an interview but was spotted crying in her backyard.

I hope this is true. These kind of people make our time worthwhile in da card rooms.

And I thought only women spent absurd amounts of money on shoes.

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We spoke to his son 14 year old Wade Forest and he said “I fu*king hate my dad”

haha fkin epic
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You think THAT is crazy,....but I will tell you that there is a HUGE collector's market out there for running shoes...

There was a guy on Pawn Stars (TV Show) who had a collection of 1,000s of mint Nike shoes valued at and who wanted over $1 Million dollars for them... check THESE out (pic below) recently auctioned off for $99,100 on eBay by the singer Drake. You'd have to sell your friggin' HOUSE off to buy THEM:

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Nike Air Jordan 12 Yeezy Red October MVP WTD

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G'day mates

People like that do not even deserve family's in my opinion.
That kind of dumb arse crap is just appalling to me.
You do not hurt your family just to get a stupid pair of shoes.
That gut needs to get a bet down on his arse in a major way.
be cool

Ronin Cool

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