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Anyone else who´s got problems to log in there the latest hour or so or is it just me? Question

I went to pokerstars and no probleem to log in.

I cant get in there.. i says all the connected servers is 100% and after a minute it comes a popup saying i have internet connection problems *lol*

thats why i can write here eh Aww crap!

I did mot have problems either.

I was playing 2 min ago for around an hours without any interruption.
try to contact the PokerStars support may be they can help you.

Are u experience any problems with other Poker rooms or just Stars????

I hope u can fix the problem!
Gl man!

yes PROBLEM i can't log in for 2 days now it get stuck in the update it wants to update and stays that

way and after i while you get the message no internet connectivity lol internet is always good i am also

writing here now and all other poker rooms are running so there must be a software problem for update

i had the same thing with full tilt i was stuck at the update page . all i did was un-install the program then just re-install it worked first time. i would try that if you are still stuck.

did that already 3 times in a row (uninstal-reinstall) yesterday.... and today i try again whitout result

Hello Daddyshammer i found a way to get in... the software i downloaded from didn't

and there is something wrong whit it but i went to and downloaded from there

when it was ready automaticly showed a message to upgade it to and that works!! after that no problems whit logging in Smile

for me it worked maybe you can try that also good luck

regards issi

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No problems login, all fin here, site is up, everything is good. If it persits try to check your connection or check if there are any virus in your computer and if it persists contact poker stars support and they will be able to solve it. But they will tell you the same thing, and re installing may do the trick.

I was bugged once did no see SNG games and it was on my end, had to re install and all was good, it does not take long.

Cheers good luck and hope it is ok now!

not having problems with login itself but today had some much more serious problem with stars...

all my labels, templates, filters, everything was gone after my pc crashed last night and apparently theres no way to get it back because its all stored on your pc and not on ps server Aww crap! Aww crap! Angry Evil

out of all i miss my zoom labels the most, now i gotta do it for every single person again (:
which means im gonna need crapload of time to do so, as labeling everyone after each session will take some time :/

oh well, i think im gonna make a backup from now on, on usb too, in case something like this happens again, and you guys should do that too! I suppose i was a guinea pig here, lets put that to some good use Big Smile

I tried it now, no problems what so ever so it must be your internet connection.

I would also want to mention that couple of days ago there was a update that the pokerstars client needed but it went flawlessly.

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