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Hi Admin and BRM members.

A few years ago I opened an account at PartyPoker through a different site.

Therefore my account is not affiliate to BRM.
I would like to have my account affiliate to BRM instead of the other site.
Admin do you know whether it is possible to reaffiliate my account??????

Have any BRM member done this before?

Thank for your replies in advance!

Gl! Big Smile

When you download a software from affiliate site, you use a specific code.

I think this reaffiliation from one site to another is not possible. Sad

I have NO idea if you can or not Plexo... Either Mob Lieutenent Fat Tony can tell you,...or you might phone Party Poker...

Not sure if this number is good for folks in Chile, but you could try, or look on the PartyPoker home page that you get...

PartyPoker 1-877-447-2183

Good luck with that... Smile Thumbs Up

Find this hard to accomplish. Maybe if you ask from Party Poker to close down your account
If they are allowing for a new registration after that, then you can affiliate with another i guess,
Unless of course they are reactivating your old one.
You will get the most proper info from Party Poker, for the above.

Since you did not use that account for years i think it could be possible if you ask the PP support to close your account.

After that you can make another account using the BRM link and code. Maybe you'll have luck Blink

Hi Plexo,

Sorry guys (Mober &Macubaas) to say this but both of you are wrong! The only thing you are right Mober is that Party Poker can close his account, if he purchase that.

The rules (T&C) are:


1. He can NOT open another account, because the Party Poker Database keeps his name, date of birth and address. If he opens another account, the Database will indicate that the same name and the same date of birth person is trying to open another account. Automatically the new account will be banned permanently with no exceptions!

2. There is NO way to reaffiliate an OLD Party Poker account with a NEW affiliate Third Party site. When you create a new poker account through an affiliate site, you use a UNIQUE CODE downloading the poker client through that affiliate site. Every affiliate site has its UNIQUE CODES. The codes are used to be recognized the affiliate new accounts.

3. The most important things for one poker account are:

a) the real name of the person,
b) his date of birth,
c) your IP address.


As you already know, they can NOT be changed (a & b) if you did a mistake during the registration. Sometimes it is possible but you have to write a lot of explanations to their support.

The only way to make an affiliation from The BankrollMob website, which I am NOT recommending you is: to open a new Party Poker account using the identity of another family member of yours (name, date of birth, depositing methods etc) This is possible, because you don't harm the T&C of the poker room, but first you have to ask that family member (father, mother etc) if he agrees to use his identity (name, date of birth, bank account etc)

This is the only way for a new affiliation and not breaking the T&C of the poker room!

Trust me Plexo, I know what I am talking about, I know the rules because I worked for Party Gaming in the past years. But closing an old account and opening a newone with the same identity (name and date of birth), you are risking to be banned permanently from every poker room.

I hope you find this info helpful and first think well, then act responsible!

Good luck with that! Thumbs Up

Best Regards,


Edited by Peter7878 (03 March 2014 @ 16:39 GMT)

Nice one Peter. You went through the terms and conditions Smile
Most of sites are describing such matters in their terms.
If you take some time reading it you get some answers without any hassle

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