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Hi all,

got 3 final tables in the last 2 days, which is nice because I haven't had time to play a lot of these lately. 5th, 5th, 4th. Todays 4th was unfortunate, got an unexpected bad beat was in line for the heads up and a win would've probably put me in the money.

Back to grinding Smile Sad

Yes you have too make final tables too gain any real momentum played 5 of the Party Poker BRM free rolls today and only cashed in one a 9th place .38 should maintain my top 10 status if i call with 88 which i didn't i would probably make it further Aww crap! Aww crap! made 3 final tables in 1 day but that 1st place isn't easy GL Big Smile Cool Blink

Hey,...three final tables in 2 days is pretty good...! Nice change of scenery too...!

I was headed for one this afternoon,...had a huge stack, but the players weren't dissapearing as fast as usual... It was a real slug-fest...

Finally, I got AA and saw an opportunity, 10,000 to chase most folks away, and they did, but this big stack calling station called. A nothing flop came down, I shoved,....he called.

My AA vs. his 10 10..... He nailed a 10 on the "mascona's magic river"....

BAM....I was gone with a lousy .20c

Wound up with a .69c day. Enough to keep pace anyhow... Smile

Sometimes if you can get more 4th or 5th places is better than to bust early in the tournament and be on the podium just once.

You should keep up playing since you are definately on a heater, so good luck and keep us posted!

...Oh shoot, that I think of it,.... That might be an .89c day, not .69. I think I forgot to mark it on my little pad here. Have to wait for a leaderboard update.

vic stands between me and ZERO.... Aww crap!

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make 2nd to day Thumbs Up gl all

It was a bit of a heater, yesterday could only play 3 got my money in each time as the 80+% avourite and got beat down lol. So nothing.

Playing all today though, really want to try place only a couple bucks off.

That sucks about your Aces Demo, had one cracked recently myself, but lately they've been holding well for me Smile

Man, how many times have I said it recently? The high cards are CURSED online! (Personal opinion.)
Atleast you still finished the day in the green.
Good luck in the future! Hope your Bankroll just keeps going up.

Take care and good luck everyone! Aww crap!

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