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Hi, has anyone else had this problem? The lobby is fine but as soon as a table is loaded, or about 30 seconds into a game, bin.exe has a problem and windows 7 forces a software shut down.

Any help would be appreciated as its unplayable


I have the same problems! Sad This is the email I got from their support:


Hello Peter,

Sorry we didn't answer your questions about tournaments. Currently we only have SnG tournaments for Chinese poker but we are planning to launch holdem and omaha tournaments in the near future.

As for the software problem, we recommend you to reinstall the software (click "Uninstall Bounty Poker" and select "Repair". Don't forget to tick the box against 'Create icon' if you wish to create one). Please make sure the security system on your computer doesn't block Bounty Poker software (try disabling firewall and adding exclusion for Bounty Poker in your antivirus or turning it off completely while running the software). It can also be your internet provider that blocks Bounty Poker, please test the software using another internet provider if it's possible. If these actions didn't solve the problem, please specify your operating system, its type (x32/64), internet connection type and your hardware version (CPU, RAM, video card).

Could you also specify how much memory process "bin.exe" uses (you can find that by opening Task manager, "Processes" tab)? Does the application close when you are playing chinese poker? Does it close when you are not playing (the application is opened but you do not sit at any table)?

Best regards,

Bounty Poker Support


They asked me too may questions, I am not an IT specialist. It seems too complicated for me, that is why I stopped playing there.

I think the easiest and facil way is to simply uninstall and then reinstall the poker application...

If that does not work i think it's too complicated to try other things to fix it when the poker offer is so generous nowadays. Also if other poker apps work on your pc then clearly the problem is not with your pc or internet connection!

i made account at bounty poker 5/6 days ago, for the no deposit bonus, i sent my id 5/6 days ago to them, had no reply from them and no bonus. i have emailed them a few times and not 1 responce from bounty poker,,, ANY SUGGESTIONS??? Aww crap!

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