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Who is playing the Binions at Action Poker?  0   
I am. Nickname is PLF111

GG to all BRM players! see you at the tables.

Is that 2night?
Ok see you at the tables Smile

hi, im playing too, my ninckname is, WenuszR Smile gl everybody Big Smile

ill be playing, i got my eye on the first place Smile

but i know someone is gonna bust AK with 95 pre flop

i cant believe ,this came in 11th place for the 500 freeroll and only got 5 bucks

I'll be playing too!

I was expecting more people registering.. well tha'ts fine for me Smile

good luck everyone!

what's that? can I register now? thanks for answering Smile
by the way, how's action poker, because if i'm going to downloaded an opinion will be nice Smile

Dude. forget about it. You should request the freebankroll 1st, but now you can join by a deposit.. anyway.. it starts in 10min so...

its a nice software, should be improve in some aspects, I liked it anyway, cya.

Good luck to you all.

Would be great to have one of you guys win it.


Ok thanks for the info anyways, ill request the free bankroll for later on then because I am agaisnt depositing in poker rooms, why deposit if you can get it free right? lol , good luck to all of you by the way Blink

playin right now.......

Bleh.. AKs vs 10 10...

Floop 10s 10 6s


first break...
68th outof 181....

20th outof 59....

2nd break 21th outof 23......

Edited by doomdy (30 June 2008 @ 03:09 GMT)

wainting for my bonus tickets still.have deposited anyway so if got the time i see youse all at the tables.good luck to all. Evil

9th outof 22....

12th outof 20.......

4th outof 20.............

3th outof 17...........

3 outof 13............

4th outof 10..............

4th outof 8............

4th outof 6............

4th outof 5...........

5th outof 5..............

4th outof 4...............

3th outof 3............

3rd place won $500 Worship Worship Worship Worship Worship

Thank you action poker Worship Worship Worship Worship Worship

And its on my account (did check offcourse)

$500 Worship Worship Worship

Thanks again action poker Worship Worship Worship

Edited by doomdy (30 June 2008 @ 04:03 GMT)

Congratulations to the following BRM players

basrobbers - of to Vegas free of charge awsome play

Doomdy - Well done on 3rd place $500 in your account waiting for you...

XenoAP - 5th place $100 in account waiting for you....

Great going guys, a real success story for basrobbers Vegas calls another great chance to earn money $345k pot with 180 - 200 field.



Whoa, thats sweet. Wish I could have played, what was the buy in? I'd love to go to Vegas but $500 would be nice too Smile

congratulations mobsters! Big Smile

i might join you on action poker next month. hope you guys stick around there a bit. Cool

I must say that that the players here are extreem loose.
With blinds 50-100, allins like A8o K9o 22 56s

I'm not a cash player just a sitngo player, but player traffic is extremely low at action poker so i'm not sure i play a lot there.
Sad cos i like the loose players there....

congrz man...

As I told b4 I was out ak x pkt 10..

anyway I have another chance playing the champ league in july...

gl all

Hi Guys

Action is back again, this time we have gone back to the bank roll format of $140.

We will also have a $2,000 tournament just for BRM players, top 25 places will be paid.

To get into the tournament all you need to do is make a deposit of just $25 and use the following reaload code BRM2000, you will then be credited with 5,000 Gold bars.

The tournamnet is called MOBSTER and will be on July 27th 2008 2PM EST.

The reload bonus with give you the following:

Bonus code: BRM2000
Deposit percentage: 100%
Requirements: 16 POP per bonus dollar
Redemption period: 45 days
Min deposit $25
Max $2500


The bank roll will work as follows:

$40 Free

Receive $40 free just by signing up!

$50 initial bonus Pending bonus that requires 700 POP to be released into real money.

$50 additional bonus Pending bonus that requires 1400 POP to be released into real money.


Get $40+$100 free at Action Poker ($140 total). Get $40 free to start with, a $50 bonus after earning 700 POP points and an additional $50 bonus when the first one is cleared and 1400 POP points have been reached, according to conditions below:

Pop points are earned by contributing to real money raked hands and buying in to tournaments.

Raked Hands: For every 10 cents that you contribute to the rake you will earn 1 Pop Point. Please note however, when you are calculating how many POP you have earned, that the maximum rake paid on ANY table is $3 no matter how big the pot.

Tournament Play: For every $1 you pay in tournament hosting fees you will earn 10 POP Points.
Tournament POP is calculated in $1 increments (rounded down). In order to earn POP from tournaments the fee must equal or exceed $1.

Both bonuses will be available in the players account once the account has been funded with the initial $40 and will be valid for 30 days.

The $40 free no deposit bonus from, will act as a "first deposit".

In order to cash out the player must make a Real Money deposit and have earned more than 450 POP points in 30 days.

Any questions please give me a shout.

Good luck.


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