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Hey demo,

I wanna ask you something. I see you are online now. Let's imagine this situation. That guy sends me the money to my PS account and then I cannot cashout the money immediately, right?

PokerStars T&C:

b. A sending User agrees that they may only make an account transfer to enable a receiving User to play the Games and not for any other purpose.
c. A receiving User agrees that they may only use the funds from an account transfer to play the Games and not for any other purpose.
d. Users cannot cash out funds directly received from a transfer, (refer to sub-paragraph (c) above); winnings arising from playing the Games using the transferred funds that subsequently contribute to a cash out request will be reviewed in accordance with PokerStars' internal controls, policies and procedures.

I mean what I have to do? First I have to play a little bit with his money and then cashout? Will be successful? But how this is possible. lets imagine that situation: you send me $215 player to player transfer. I register for the Sunday Million, I win the tournament. And PokerStars will tell me it is against our rules? I mean if I win a tournament with someoneelse money through transfer, will PokerStars approve my cashout?

Just don't get it???

Mmmmmmmmm..... Very good question Peter...! It certainly DOES appear that PokerStars has a set policy about such things...! It says PS reviews cashout requests, if they see the money come into your account,...then get cashed out,...they will refuse the cashout!

Really the only way I think you can do it is if you ALREADY have enough money in your PS account you could transfer out to your Skrill of whatever FIRST,...then it gets replaced when buddy transfers money to YOU from HIS PS account.....

But I figure PS will see what's up as soon as they review ANYTHING going on with your account after checking the transfer IN from hmidou...

If they think you are using their transfer system as a personal bank,...they may suspend you for abusing it... You would have to leave buddy's money in your account for a while.

Doesn't look like you should do it Peter, unless you plan to use at least SOME of it on PS...! You don't want to lose your priviledge of playing there...!

If you win sunday million you can withdraw all the money to your account no matter who sent you money.
Or if you played enough hands on cash games (raked hands not folded ones)...

You cannot cashout without winning anything to prevent money laundering imo. It's pretty self explanatory.

Yes, demo you are right! last summer i deposited $50 at my PokerStars account and without playing with the money I made a transfer of $50 to yout85, but the transfer was automatically rejected. I received a letter from PokerStars that's against their rules. They are not a bank, they said. I had to play with my own money, or I can cashout if I want but not send it to him, they said! Sad

That is why, before making any actions about this I want to be informed will i be able to help that guy!

Yes, I will leave $40 at my account. This is the bonus which that guy will give me and the rest I will cashout and send it to him.

But I have to play at least 30 minutes Zoom Poker and then cashout. Hope it will works.

DON'T do it Peter,.... Go read the other thread...!

It seems there was a genuine interest from peter and from what i saw in the other thread there
si a mentioning about a skype chat. Also there are some accusations there.
Still no new responses to the story. Whos telling the truth? ........... Smile

One of my best friends staked another guy with 10 dollars on pokerstars and his account got banned because that guy cheated (collusion)...

After sending his ID once again he managed to acces his poker account after 10 days and then decided to cashout and never play on stars again lol

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