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In 3 days I didn't play a lot of games but I got 3 really nice hands:
A full house LOST (beaten by straight-flush)
Three of a kind KKK LOST (beaten by a full house)
Straight 9-K LOST (Straight 10-A)

Those were the only 3 best hands I got, and my BR is now down to $0,14 Thumbs Down Thumbs Down Thumbs Down

I'm just so frustrated, I'm playing good but the fact that I'm beaten in HU with a straight 9-K makes me a losing player now, it's really freaking me out! Aww crap! Angry

Get used to it because you will keep seeing those beats the entire time you play poker, and sometimes the other way round if you suck out on them. Circle of poker life.

Yeah I know, but it feels like I only get bad beats whole the time when I finally made a hand. And it is that I can't have it now when my BR was just around $1

Welcome to the club mate. I only get them on cash tables when its a big pot and they only have a tiny number if cards to win but always hit. Just deal with it by punching something or someone. Tongue

You can see from the cards on the table what if you have the nuts or if there is a possible better hand... Just because you have KKK doesn't automatically entitle you to win the hand... If there is a pair on the board then a FH or even quads are possible...You can tell also if there is a flush draw out there or if a run is poss. You can (maybe) tell if they have a good hand by seeing how they have played in the game up until that point.... I admit, it can be very frustrating if someone has been raising with junk neigh on every hand and you attack them with a monster and it gets beat - that is unlucky - but, you can't say that you did not know it could happen if there is a pair on the board, or 3 of the same suit giving them a possible flush. In Omaha it is even more vital to fold your good hand if there are possible hands that can beat you out there. If you have the nuts you will win the hand... if you do not then it is a gamble and you can't be upset about loosing to a better hand.

Basically if you are shoving with your KKK and there is a flush possible then you are bluffing.

Likewise with the FH... you KNOW when there is a possible higher one there by looking at the cards and knowing what your opponant COULD have. Yo say that it is unlikely for him to have it is BS... why would he be betting otherwise? Unless he is a d**k or has just been betting everything up to that point... even then he could still have it. How long have you been playing poker? This happens ALL of the time... especially in Omaha.

I hate cash games.. I am useless at them. It seems to me that EVERY time I fold, my draw comes in... every time I chase a flush or a draw to a run it busts.. Every time I bluff I get called with a hand... every time I raise with the nuts everyone folds... I hate it.... it seems as if everyone can see what I have... I don't complain about bad beats.... I just KNOW for a fact that I am crap at the game... so I play games that I (over all) make a profit from.... cash games arn't it for me.

The straight to a king beaten by AKQJ10 is a classic... especially in omaha - If you raise with your straight to the K and someone shoves... they probably have the AKQ... in Omaha they almost certainly DO ... unless they are stupid, then you can work that out and take advantage of it later... if you are lucky enough to show down with them again when you have the nuts and they don't and assuming someone else hasn't knocked them out already.

You realise that you are bluffing when you bet/raise and you don't have the nuts yea? We all do it.. we get impatient or short stacked and take a chance... but that is what you are doing when you bet without the nuts.. taking a chance, because someone else can beat you and you know that.

OK - Just went out 1st hand in a tourny... It was Omaha - I flopped a straight to a 6... flop was 3, 6, 7. and I had a 4 and a 5 in my hand (they were suited to an ace so I was hoping for a flush)... I raised, thinking... 'what if some idiot has 7, 8 and a 9 comes down...?' a 9 came down and the guy that called my raise went all in.. I KNEW he had the 7 and the 8... but I thought... why? why would he have called me with absolutely NOTHING hoping to hit 1 of 4 cards in the pack or go out 1st hand... I called... and went out hand one like an idiot.. lol. It was my fault for not folding straight away as soon as he shoved. It was not unlucky on my part... It was stupid of me - I even read that he had a better straight.. the possibility was there... the way he betted suggested it... yet i was still dumb enough to call it. MY stupidity.... not dumb luck. Blink

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$H!T happens dude....! Get used to it...

I've been hammered by trips SO many times in the last 4 or 5 days it's starting to get very frustrating...BUT, know things don't last forever.. Just keep playing your 'A' game and things will turn around for you,...and hopefully a turn for the better and NOT the worst...!!! Thumbs Up

yeah mate I know how you feel you are playing good and getting good cards and playing well and getting ahead on the flop and even on the turn and they one outer you or more but either way they are a huge underdog and manage to beat us. this hurts but we must think on the long run and let variance rolls us our back. So good luck and work on your mental game and play a lot of games to counter variance I do that and it really helps. Cheers mate!

The straight flush hand could have been a nasty bad beat but the other two examples are very, very common if you play dialy...

Sorry to hear that you basically busted your bankroll, but i relaly hope that you'll be able to recover. Keep us posted!

Anyone else losing a lot to a suckout when they have two pair lately? Always to a miracle flush or straight. Not much you can do though, but I went through a phase of losing the same way with sets so just deal with it I guess but very frustrating indeed.

I have one question: do you really have to play a lot different in cashgames than in mtt's. Because when I play mtt's I very often double my stack (not by shoving but just playing well), and I wonder if I could do the same when playing cashgames with the same strategy I use.

Question Question Question Confused Confused Confused Question Question Question

You should indeed REALLY get used to it, it happens to me a lot. Playing on a board which is in my favor and then it all breaks down when another flush or straight hunts me down Aww crap!

I think most posts here are from people who just had a bad beat or just wanna complain to blow off some steam Smile

Oh boy

I can sympathy with You if that matters ...


It happens quite often, and I can advice You, when the really bad beat come, and You get tilt or mad, just have a few hours even days break, and You will see, that You can perceive poker in different (better) way.

It's a matter of discipline, psychology and cold nerves.

If You just simply can't stand it; I think is best solution for You to just give up Confused

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