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Does anybody know of a good poker site for android, a lot of the ones I tryed are play money
Or android doesn't accept it.... I would like to try 888 but I can't get on my tablet,,I got the full tilt but I can't get the freerolls ,, hoping some one can help me here lol anything but poker stars plz unless u know how to get other turny passwords ,,lol. Big Smile

Here is some sites who have aplication for android, dont know witch can play with real money, i use just PokerStars.

888 Poker
Full Flush Poker
Sportsbook Poker
BetOnline Poker
William Hill
Titan Poker
Party Poker
Superbook Poker
PlayersOnly Poker
Betfair Poker
Ladbrokes Poker
bwin Poker
Red Kings
Switch Poker

I do not understand why or how you can't have 888 poker on an android tablet!?

I also have an Asus tablet with android and 888 poker works like a charm! I know they had an software update on their mobile app, maybe you need an update of the app?

If you want to play serious poker in more than one table, tablets arent that good
unless you can play with mouse.
And once more, my question here, why you bought a device thats practically useless? Smile
You cant even do what you like.

Well i played on my phone on pokerstars , though all other sites as well support it I think, like ipoker network for tablet and so on. Full tilt played just one day and stop playing there and focus mainly on poker stars right now!

But if you play on iphone there is not a chance in hell you will be able to use hud and the hands you played will need to be retrieved by email, so it is a pain in the arse if you used to play with hud, but if you are a recreational player like me. Then go ahead and play with your phone!

Just use a remote desktop app that connects to your PC. Now you can play all sites on your tablet, and even get any HUD or other software you might use.

I do this when finishing an MTT, that is running late, and I want to go to bed. I have the tablet suspended about 20 cm in front of my face, fixed to the bed's headboard...

Does anyone actually use tablets beyond fucking about?
They seems very impractical and liable to make mistakes as swiping a finger or touching a screen isnt as accurate as clicking.

That's awesome lol I did an update an 888 works now an they gave me some couple bucks an some tickets to 5,000 tournament 2 of them thank you.. don't know y I never thought of that before haha Worship
Thank you I'm happy man now lol,,,, Big Smile

I never seem to have a problem. Just tap lol just like clicking, an u can set up your tablet
So u can tap it instead of using a slider... its sucks if your trying to do something an play poker
The screen changes as soon as its your turn,, so if you go to push the play button on a song an your
Turn comes at the same time you just might push the wrong button,, lol an yes I've done this a couple times I accedently call someone all in with a 7-3 off suit but ended up winning still think I should a lost that but hey a wins a with s right,,lol. Confused

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Pressing the wrong button is so frustrating, or even pressing the right button wrongly, is probably worse. You do have to be super careful on mobile set ups with multitasking or it could cost you your stack. My approach is concentrate on the game you are paying.

i tried the full tilt app on mine and i could only play rush poker,fkk that.
i might try the 888 one now. Smile

pokerstars is really tablet friendly. no really, tablet players seem to hit even the most ridiculous things there, with 2 outer runner runner flushes/straight being their fav Big Smile

That's actually why I wanted to try a different poker site then pokerstars, but 888 is just doing the same crap. I keep losing my three of a kind an my straight on the flop to a flush or full house on the river. An they had nothing to call with, seems funny almost like they already know what the cards are gonna be Question

Posted by Theapple:
pokerstars is really tablet friendly. no really, tablet players seem to hit even the most ridiculous things there, with 2 outer runner runner flushes/straight being their fav Big Smile

Right,i'm going to try them tomorrow and it better be true.
Big Smile

hey its not my fault if you go busto Big Smile it could be ur tablets fault too Cool

Its possible to get a free bankroll an a tablet pokersite please no pokerstars 888 fulltilt or partypoker
Thanks all

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