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I have now had an unbelievebel bad period in my tournement play. Cashed a few times,but nothing big. I dont know what to do, Any pointers towards breaking my coldstreak..............

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Are you using any statistics software. If not try Poker office it is good, did not tried them all so i wont say the best but i stopped searching, that good.

Look where you are losing money. Is it position, is it starting hands, etc... Dig into statistics soon as you notice that you are not making money and soon as you notice that you are making money. If youre losing to find flaw in your gameplay and if youre winning to find bright spot that was making you money. After you find where that hole in your game is learn everything you can about it, ex. youre losing most in early position, take some time and learn to play from early position. You are losing most with QQ, look at the hands and see what you have done in every particular hand, did you made stupid move with QQ against allin from tight player and such. Believe me this is not hopeless situation you have there. I can spend up to 3 or 4 hours searching through the stats to find what is wrong and if you dont find anything, then at least you will know that you did everything you could and it is just luck.

For luck, only one thing DONT EAT PEANUTS at the table. LOL
No one can affect that. But believe me luck factor is important only to a point. If you are playing cards only you might start reading, yeah its mine, this forum post so i dont have to repeat myself.

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Show me the money Smile I have a few things I like to do to get me in poker mode.

1) Have a shower to wake me up and get my blood warm lol.
2) Workout or do some physical activity before playing
3) Have no distractions while I play. I turn off the phone, don't answer the door, lock myself in my room, whatever it takes lol
4) Glass of water while I play

I never use pokeroffice or other stuff, but i must i think.
I now playing $5/$10 sit n go's and i'm winning (roi 13%).
But now i must make step to play $10/$20 maybe $30, but with pokeroffice or tracker ect i can play better i think.
I never used any kind of poker software, pokeroffice/tracker isnt free i think?

Its not free unless you get a serial from someone. You can try out

They have poker downloads and sometimes some programs.

Some good advice in here, get in the mood and analize.Iim running cold on the SnGs on 1 site, i dont belive in so called tilt but on pokerstars i cant do right(super tilt), due to this i join the sng there with doubt in my mind and wouder if this is the true cause, im going out in 4th far to much but have the cards to play, i cant sit and hope some one else knockes out a person for me so i play and lose with good hands, and i refuse to sit out in hope of a position, my sultion is not to play sngs on pokerstars, and it works, no true explanation apart from a jedi mind trick!!!

maybe you simply should quit for a few days or a week or so ,losing streaks like that will affect your game very hard,and it gets worse the longer you are losing,i have noticed this when i analysed why i had my last losing streak,you will alwys be on tilt and lose patience so just step away from the game and come back,or at least drop down the limits and concentrate on improving your game becase when your main focus is chasing your losses disaster isnt far away

great point,when your losing it can be a simple matter of sitting at home playing too much online poker.we are not machines, turn of your computer and relax,get a life again,the more you wanna win the more you dont. Big Smile

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