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Full tilt freerolls are a gem  0   
Gave a shot at $1500 turbo freeroll at FT and won second place for $55 tournament ticket. 8 out of 10 players were afk on my first table.
Used $55 ticket and won 4th place for $474. I was really surprised at how predictable these players were.

Go get your Dollar !

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Damn man that's a nice result right there however you will not always have the luck of having 8 sit outs at your table Tongue well nice result and use the money wisely my friend Worship Cool


Earlier, till "black Friday" it was a pleasure to play on Fulltilt that can't be told about present Fulltilt.

Now Fulltilt turned into branch of Pokerstars, and not into its best branch. Tournaments to Fulltilt any gray and a little boring. There is no brightness which was in the past.

But it doesn't mean that there it is impossible to play and win. Your prize - result.

All good day and good luck.

Dollar Dollar Dollar

now thats a nice result Tongue

my best i ever won playing a freeroll was like $30 Angry

still, its a long way from playing a few thousands players freeroll, winning a ticket and then winning that tourney you got the ticket for... so i wouldnt expect it to happen all that often though Smile

nice win there....cannot even remember when was the last time i won in a freeroll....

Predictable doesn't mean you're 100% sure to win, you'll still need luck on your side but for sure you have a greater edge to finish at least in the money which is still pretty good seen you qualify via a satellite. Well done on the top finishing and good luck for the future.

predictable or not... go and repeat this a few more times with similar results and then come back with the verdict.
don't mean to sound negative or anything similar- it's just that anyone can win big in the freerolls once in a lifetime or twice in a lifetime Big Smile but it's not like you can sustain such results on a regular basis even with 9 dorks out of 10 on each table...
still great results dude Thumbs Up

Wow nicely done. A little bit goes a longgg way. Keep up the winning . Smile

Those are really, really sweet wins when you think that you basically started from freerolls!

Keep up the good job, it seems that you made freerolls to be very profitable, not just couple of dollars minor wins Blink

WD Big Smile Big Smile
Always nice to win Thumbs Up Thumbs Up

BankrollMob Forum » Blogs » Full tilt freerolls are a gem

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