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Hello Everybody,

I made mistake and I accidentally unregistered from tomorrow's tournament and I can't register in it again. Only 24h left so I'm afraid that I won't take part in this tournament. FTP support can't do anything with that. They wrote that BankrollMob are the only ones who would be able to help. I think that no only I have this problem cuz 12 more people are missing. Can sb help me?

Admin pls!

Good luck all.

We can't help. You shouldn't unregister yourself. Our contact person is on holiday this week.

Now THAT, a BIG BUMmer...!!!

Sorry to hear that!,...I feel for ya peesiks dude...!

Only good thing about it, that you are a pretty good player,......
...that we don't have to worry about... Big Smile

I take extreme care while looking at the BrM/LB tourney lobbies so as not to mis-click and un-register... Confused

....if I would know that I fall down I would take a seat and protect my butt my Dear Admin....
FTP support are right. It's surprising that if the contact person is on holiday you do not have any other person available who can assist with this issue. Nobody from you have to contact FTP.
Apparently only BRM can change anything in private tournament and FTP are unable to register me again into this tournament.

Next time please give big, red and shiny warning about it in freeroll list. "Don't unregister yourself (even misclick) cuz you will not have possibility to register again" we love ya BRM!

It's nice to see you again on forum demo and you can be sure that you are much better player than I'm Blink but better always avoid me on the table Blink

GL 4All tomorrow (I will not be there with you) Evil Evil

Glad you have a good sense of humour...! Big Smile Thumbs Up

Maybe you can get yourself a nice jar of Polski Ogorkis,...sit back,...and rail...! Smile

Hey,....where are the Polish Pickle emoticons when you need one...? Angry Big Smile

Polish pickled cucumbers are the best on the World Blink
Bigos, pierogi, kwasnica and much more delicious meals you can find in Poland Thumbs Up
And girls are beautiful and hot as hell Evil
So when you will arrive? Big Smile

Hey,.... My Dad was born in Poland before that region became part of the Ukraine post I know what Bigos and Pierogies are.... He cooked those,...and cabbage rolls and other Polish goodies all the time...

Yes,...I always thought Polish women can be very hot,...but you know,... I'm finding that lots of Ukrainian women can be extremely good looking...! Heart

have to agree with you there peesiks, polish girls are among the most beautiful girls in the world Thumbs Up

Sorry too here that Peesiks i was born in Poland and came too Canada when i was 2 years old it's good too live at home when my mom's cook's for me great food as mentioned above i never complain or go too fast food outlets and the Polish women top class Thumbs Up Thumbs Up Worship Worship Big Smile

Demo and Vic nice to hear that you have Polish roots and you know taste of Polish dishes.
Poland is very nice country with beautiful women, landscapes and rich history but young peoples don't have easy life and many of them choose Labour migration i.e to Ireland, UK and other European countries.
Demo my grandmother also was born in Poland in pre-WWII borders and she was a Girl Scout, who participated in the war.
So guys I'm sure that you know a few Polish word, am I right?

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