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I would like the express what Duck has done for me in and
replaced my buy into a head's up $10 SnG.

What other poker site has done that for you
when you loose connection as soon you hit the clicker to buy in.

Well that's what happened to me and I couldn't even play a hand.
The player who was in the game most of thought his Christmas had come early Smile

They even said it's not are fault but we like to look after our players.
How true to there word are they.

Here is the Email they sent.

JUL 02, 2014 | 09:30PM UTC
Jimmy replied:
Hi Darren,

Thank you for playing at DuckPoker.

After reviewing this Sit and Go, it looks like you were disconnected. Although our servers were fully operational at that time, we understand this is a frustrating experience and we have credited an extra 10T$ to your account. Please note that we will not be able to refund other disconnections unless the issue is on our side of course.

Good luck at the tables!

Best Regards
DuckPoker Support

Before I go Mobsters you wont to join Duck poker. They are the most Genuine poker site I have played on. They have so many free rolls and enjoyable games to play.
This is how genuine they are, I joined back in February 14th and took the $5 No Deposit Bonus
and have not had to Deposit since.
MY bankroll was up to $145 now I'm down to $70 and $25.45TB but still healthy
So that is why This is only a genuine poker site.
What would you get on pokerstars nothing and your bankroll would be a Big fat ZERO Aww crap!
So fellow mobster get on over to Duck poker and Grab the $25 no deposit bonus
I only started off with $5.
Hope to see you at the tables on Duck poker Smile Cool Tongue Blink
Come and take me on Dazalef Thumbs Up Blink I'll woop you Tongue

Well done to Duck poker for their kindness,I am not a member of their site but I think it is a smallish site where they should be able to look after their clients easier and it seems they do.I have seen a few positive reports from them and lets hope it will continue when they get bigger.

Oh by the way mobster's I went and found the player
who was in the SnGo $10 heads up as soon as i got reconnected Blink
on a heads up cash table{:$]
And said yeh cxxt I wont me $10 back

He said LOL thanks for the $10 Aww crap!
Try and tack it if you can Aww crap!
So I hit the post blinds button and just won hand after hand
and said to him I thought you could play
On the 5th game I got the Nuts
K 8 Flop kk8 slow played him and even made him wait
60 secounds added time to make him think I was under pressure.
I even checked the turn so he could make his hand up. Big Smile
So I Double Barreled on the river with a push and he called Tongue
Was I buzzing with that Cool
I said I told you I'd get me $10 back and just left the table
with me $10 back in my account Smile Tongue Big Smile Cool Blink
Any my mobster friends Join Duck poker
and come and Take Dazalef with the $25 NDB



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Klash23 thanks for reading and replying to my post.

It is a small site but very good and really genuine,
the most I've come across.

Look fellow mobster come on over and join the site Blink
Theirs a $25 NDB waiting for you.

Most of all you'll be able to take me Dazalef on. Blink
I hope to see you at the tables there.

I wish you the best of look at were ever you play
and a healthy life.
yours genuinely Dazalef

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Edited by Dazalef (03 July 2014 @ 12:40 GMT)

Yeah great from Duckpoker given you some money back for your buy in it is at least 10x from what i am seeing so kudos to them and yeah you are right not many sites does this, but they are new and by doing it this they are gaining customers and this is the best way to get your site up and running and make money from rake, thinks i m gonna join to have some fun and blow away some free money lol. Cheers have fun at the tables guys and make some fat money!

Heskor thanks for reply to the post. Thumbs Up

I hope you've joined Duck poker today and I see you at the tables. Blink

your right free money to waste and give to me Big Smile

What name will you be using Question Post it in a reply so
you can challenge me and make my bankroll BIGGER Tongue
I look forward to seeing you at the tables Blink

If not take care fellow mobster and best of luck at the tables
and in life Thumbs Up Smile

oh look some moere duck s**t poker,lick their arse kind of thread Aww crap! getting sick of the same old s**t from you,ok u like duck poker,we get it ,just stop spaming the forum with the same stuff

Oh d**k s**t go and suck a nippers d**k Big Smile

I'll write what I wont you most be a said player looking

for someone to give you advice.
I'll give you some Learn how to play poker
and change your name cos you'll never be a star Tongue
You must be a fool that thinks pokerstar is the bee's knee's ha ha Blink

It's rare to have such good and such negative reviews of a poker site but probably, as always, the truth is somewhere in the middle...

I'm glad they did that for you OP, it kind of reminds me of 888 poker when they were a smaller poker platform at beginnings.


I'll write what I wont you most be a said player looking

just as i thought dumb as well as stupid,going by your quote above,go learn your own language before you try and communicate with it Smile

I have seen other sites over times doing something like that. Not a general line that they follow
though and why they should, when its not their fault.
In some other sites, you even having problems getting your money back, even when
its their fault Smile

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