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Back from a 2 month poker break!!!  0   
I'm back...

On pokerstars:
Use my step 2 ticket (27$) and won a step 3 (82$)
Use my step 3 ... finish 3rd... got my ticket back!

Finish 12th on a BRM PS freeroll

Finish 7th on a BRM FullTilt freeroll Big Smile

All that in 7 hours today

G'day mate

Welcome back.
I am currently on a break from all cards right now myself.
Might play a little bit here and there.
Totally burned out myself.
Hope things go great for you.
best of luck
be cool

Ronin Cool

welcome back. kinda good to be back with that set of results huh?

it all could've ended in a more usual way:

On pokerstars:
Use my step 2 ticket (27$) and got kicked out in the 1st hand holding AA vs. 36 off (villain caught river str8)

Finish 8954th on a BRM PS freeroll

Finish 1177th on a BRM FullTilt freeroll

All that in 20 minutes today

Cheers mate, glad you took a break, sometimes it is a must even if you winning or losing so you come back refreshed and ready to kick some arse, very nicely done on your return with a bit of luck you could have being first in the step tournament and what was the prize for the top 2 places mate?

Cheers anyway good luck at the tables mate, you might be playing right now so have fun and hope you will updated this thread whenever you win, would be nice to see our fellow mobsters winning and making money from poker. Cheers mate, later!!

pk welcome back Smile

and lol @ pochuis post but yea thats how it looks like most of the time Big Smile

Welcome back mobster
keep up the good job and try to extend this winning chain as long as possible
Ride this surfing streak the the harder you can Worship Worship
Hope the poker gods walk side by side with you but still pay attention to me Big Smile Big Smile

If you had won something with the ticket that would have been something
for a first day after such a long time. Finishing in the money in the BRM freerolls
not a bad thing, good positions also, but the payouts are low.

I as well took a long break. Gets tiring playing the same thing over and over, day in day out. Trying to get back into it today.

Nice comeback, they always say that a pause from poker is good and i think your case that was definately the case Big Smile

Now you should definately continue to play poker since you are in this good poker "mood" so make sure to keep us posted with your results Cool Blink

It's obvious that the poker gods missed you thats a nice way to come back to the ranks of poker players Smile
I think It's always a good thing, to take a break I mean when things start to go sour. It's important to have a good mindset when playing and no better way to "clear" your view of the game than making a pause.

Now lets hope results continue to show up mate.

Best of luck!

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