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Time for a break.  0   
I'm actually doing quite well but it has literally turned into a grind for me and, as I play for fun, this was never the intention.

So I'm going to take a couple of weeks downtime to reassess why I play this game. Do I want to play just for fun or should I play for profit and take the grind and all that that entails?

well yea playing for fun isnt really viable option any longer. maybe some 10 years ago, but today? no not really Tongue thats what kinda cooled me down too, so im not even trying that hard anymore.

if you really want to make money on poker, you cant have both anymore. you gotta consider it just as you would your regular work, but at least it has some huge benefits over regular jobs though like not having a boss and not having 'woriking times' set in stone. mind you, it does have its downfalls too, as this kind of job isnt for everyone and i firmly believe people who play poker for living age faster too.

ok maybe that last part isnt entirely true but it really feels that way Tongue

It's the perfect time to take a break, specially when you play just for the kicks of it. Lets face it, in the winter there's only cold and rain ( sometimes snow) outside so what better than staying at home, turning on the pc, and spend a bit enjoying playing cards and maybe even turning out a profit out of it?

Summer it's another story. Warm days... cold beer... short skirts... I think i'll be turning the pc off in a few minutes also Big Smile

Cheers yeah take a break mate, one week and if not enough do more and go even for a long break because if you burnout you will not have any love for the game and it will feel like a grind and sapped your energy and you will lose money if you play in a bad state of mind. So great idea from your part to take a break from poker.

Anyway have a nice time off the table and have fun with friends or family or both and have fun , cheers hope you stick with your vacation plan and do not cut it short until you have soem motivation to play poker. It should be fun!

break it is then.

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zeroster take a break now and enjoy the sun and the summer reload your batteries and then come back Cool Cool
About playing for fun it´s a great choice but play for profit it´s also a great choice Confused Confused
A hard question for a personal answer Aww crap!
Maybe the solution is the middle play for fun and at least break even Big Smile

In the end it's your decision, i took the same decision some time ago actually...

There are many factors that need to be considered when taking this decision so make sure to take your time and weigh in all the pro and cons of this situaiton Blink

hi, that's fine take some time think about what you want in poker, I hope you decide the best for you and enjoy these two weeks of summer outside of poker.

thanks for letting me be part of this community and please excuse my English and my writing errors

Greetings greatgamne

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