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Hello everyone, For some time I started playing at PokerCent. I noticed that there are players from all countries. Promotions are tempting and a small deposit you have a bunch of cool stuff. The platform looks good, the game really is a pleasant atmosphere. Who plays at PokerCent ? Smile

I have had a look at it,but you didn't mention that they do want you to send in Ids 1st before you can really do any thing,and when I was on theres was barely a few players online Big Smile

Sounds like normal to check your identity. Many people take advantage of the offers and make fraud. All is well now there. And will be getting better!

From the look of it this is similar to old pokerdracula, a romanian operating site.
There were problems with cashing out in the past.
Not sure this is still the case, but just for anyone wanting to try it, don't ship too much to the site at once.

This is not a site senior years Smile In time it will become very good. withdrawals are very light. must meet the conditions as any poker room. I think the currency exchange instant is also very good

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I may give it a go and see what happens,I can live with doing the regular id checks in fact I prefer doing it right a way when the account is 1st open,this way,if there are problems,with id or proof of address it can be addressed right away instead of have to,go through it when it comes time 2 cash out,I just hope its another one of those sites that just lets deposit them makes jump through hoops just too get ur money,or only last 5 months.. Big Smile

identity verification can be done anytime and as many times like platform. when they find something strange. I think each platform do this. If you're a player correctly, it is not a problem . I sent proof of address and copy of ID , I sent proof of address

Well,I gave them a shot,after sending in my info,they issued a deposit into my account,which was pretty cool,a good start if you ask me,now to turn that cash into more cash,and I like the multi currency,options for there tables and some tournaments,the only issue for me is the traffic,but at peeks times there's not problem finding a table too play at Thumbs Up Thumbs Up

I'm sure .PokerCent will be a good platform. A great place to make money playing poker. Thumbs Up

Hi Liva and xxpokerxx and to the rest of you reading Smile

I have also been playing at pokercent for about 3, 5 weeks now.
I decided to deposit some of my profits from 888poker there and give it a bash..
I really enjoyed the software and thought it was pretty awesome considering the level of play there
is relatively poor, never the less i enjoyed it very much..
However there were a few things i did not enjoy about it
#1 being that majority of players are czech and speak in their own language, and i have no idea as to what they might be talking about, for all i know they colluding..
#2 being that there are many hurdles to jump just to withdraw some of my funds.
#3 being that i often wait 20-30 minutes for a single answer on the live chat, and then promised to be emailed rite away with the related answers to my questions, only to have to remind them 9 hours later that they never got back to me..

So all in all I have refused to continue playing on Pokercent, until they allow me full access to my funds there.. So yeah sure it is a great place to make money, but money you not sure if you will ever even get.. I regret depositing such a large amount there ($1500) as i am struggling to make any withdrawals

Anyways, the software is good, i enjoy it, but many changes need to be made..
I hope it grows and becomes more successful.

Hello PacMan Smile There are many Czech, I know that. This because it is the beginning. In time I'm sure there will be players from around the world. And now are, but not many. The problem with withdrawals. Actually this is not a problem. Since its affiliate offer pokernews (20£ free) many people have tried to defraud. Because of this, staff from PokerCent. They were careful with withdrawals. But now Issues related to fraud began to be resolved , so each player can make a cashout. He must be honest, and to meet the requirements. Good luck at the tables. Hope to see them.

Pacman lets us know if you r cash works,or if you continue too have troubles there,I am atm playing there having a good time,but I will wait too hear about ur problem Pacman,before I make any deposits,there,and right about the language thing,but its not really an issue for me,cause i ve played at other rooms with the same issue,and had not real trouble usually they tell you what there saying 2 each other if you say some thing. Smile


My guess is that pokercent is a growing platform. The world out there is good. They started to have good promotions, why not play? I like it.

Smile Dollar

Yes, you're right mirexxx . I personally gained a lot when I play at the cash tables. And the platform is growing.

Hi Guys

Just a quick update Tongue

Im yet to receive any of my funds I withdrew on Pokercent,
I have worked myself up to silver and carefully made sure
that all requirements were their.

I have also spoken to the online help, who seems to be a friendly chap,
However I am at times suspicious about it as sometimes I may ask
a question regarding my withdrawal, and I will get a straight
forward answer in reply... However sometimes I ask the same question the
very next day and told that they (online live help) do not have access to that

So all in all, I have not yet received my funds after being told it has been sent.

Anyways Im still playing on the site, but dont get any rush out of it at the moment Sad
Back to 888poker till Iv heard anything
will keep you guys in he loop

i dont, it seems like a scame to me, just look at the site, me advise dont playt there there a so many athoner site out there, i woulden risk it!!! but i also pretty conservative with it comes to something like this.

Was just about to give it a try with a small deposit, but then I saw they don't offer skrill as deposit method (maybe this is because of my country, but I don't know),so I'm out..

Yes, I saw. I'm sure that soon will put other ways to deposit/cashout

well so far so good there,I am making some cash,and having fun,but they do say that it takes 5 days for them to do a cash out,and its seems legit,and like any start up,they will have hicups,along the way,and they did say the same thing about duck poker when they 1st started,with little too no players at any given time,Now look at duck,they are doing very well,and there players are happy,having said that,I personally don't understand how some sites can take so long just do a cash out,duck poker was and is very new,and there cash outs only take a few too a couple of hours,and you get the money fast,almost the next day.I will wait for Pacman to update us,before I make a deposit,I just don't want my money getting stuck or lost,and I will continue to win and make money there until then.

Hi xxxpokerxxx1 and all other readers..

I have now not received any comeback from pokercent regarding my withdrawal for over 50 hours now..
I received the cashout approval email exactly 7 days ago but have received nothing at all from
them.. I have also asked Pokercent manager to send me certain detailed transaction codes regarding the money that was "sent" so i could ask neteller to track the transaction..
But I am still waiting for answers.. I am officially over this site, as i have waisted many hours on their site or battling with support for my own money, but im sorry to say this but it is meant to be a poker site and not a "waiting game" So xxxpokerxx1 i would stop playing on their site untill u receive any funds u may have withdrawn.. As much as i wish i was telling you that pokercent is amazing and great customer support etc, I must say that it is very poor and standards are extremely low... Iv been waiting for information from them for over 3 days now

Hope this is helpful, If i receive any update i will keep u guys updated

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