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Continuing my idea of ​​writing concepts and refozar etrategia content with video here I leave another post

Chosen topic: How to play pocket jacks

Concept: Many players consider the worst hand JJ. Especially beginners as it is a very difficult hand to play.

This hand says:

♥ is a hand "controversy" and generated much debate.

♦ It is the hand that makes you lose more money with the AK

♣ "I hate Pocket Jacks"

♠ And similar comments;

Here are some videos like the pros play JJ

Super imressive fold by Negreanu (JJ)

WSOP 2010 - Matt Afflecks' AA vs. JJ

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The Negreanu fold isn't all that impressive... He's playing against someone he has played hundreds of times before, and knows Ferguson's game inside out... Easy, easy fold.

The 2nd hand is a perfect example of someone getting greedy with aces... If Affleck 5-bets all in with the Aces, he takes down a 6 million chip pot - Instead, he tries to be clever and ends up out.

....Horrible play by Duhamel too though.

That's just how I would have played those,...not to compare myself to THOSE guys,... I'm nothing,...

I don't know if it was all that a disciplined fold,...but rather a very easy fold... COWboy Ferguson could easily have had a higher pair or overcards to knock them jacks silly...!

...I saw a good doc on Brunson a while back... MAN does he ever live in a nice spread...!!!

Worship Thumbs Up

Yeah if you play against someone for a lot of time and the other person has not change his game by much or you get solid reads on him you can make some money by folding at the right place and time and you can be said to do a hero fold when your instinct are right on! Remember how you can spot if somebody has a three of a kind on the flop, it is easy to spot, when you bet they will re raise all in or when you check they will push all in all the same going for the max value hoping you would call lol.

Thanks for your comments. In my opinion JJ hand is very controversial and generated much debate.

Let me give an example of how difficult it is to play JJ even knowing our opponents:

Initial stage of the tournament.
Blinds 100/200.
Stack average 15,000.

Two players pay and the rest does fold.

J Heart J Diamond We have to limit opponents and got 800.

The rest of the strip table, pay button (it will remain tight and 13,000).

The big blind (has 10,000) and the rest folds.

Flop: A Club-K ClubJ Spade. Well: 2,900 sheets

It is a large well in relation to the stacks and dangerous for our jacks despite having leg flop.

Collect the information pre-flop the big blind is likely to be paid by favorable pot odds.

The button is only playing good hands, so we assume that can take AA, KK, QQ, 10-10, AK, AQ, AJ, KQ-10 or suite.

Premium hands are less likely to take them because we assume that we would have reraised preflop.

The big blind checks and it is our turn. We can not afford to spend and give a free card to complete projects flush or straight. What we do

I put this example to warn that even connecting the flop and taking information from our rivals. It is a difficult situation. Aww crap! Aww crap! Aww crap!

I don't like AA, KK,QQ, JJ, TT and others pairs. I always lost with them. I prefer Q8 and J7 and I win with them more often than pocket pairs.

Posted by peesiks:
I don't like AA, KK,QQ, JJ, TT and others pairs. I always lost with them. I prefer Q8 and J7 and I win with them more often than pocket pairs.

I would be more than happy to play you heads-up, you get those hands everytime and I get AA ok? Big Smile

It+s a tricky pair for me position is the key you don´t want to play this hand with lots of other players so you must push hard of the first best and wait to see what the field do the flop will tell what to do if the set comes great if not read the table and go for it sometimes you win sometimes you loose Aww crap! Aww crap!
Like everything there are no easy ways and a sure thing Big Smile Big Smile

The novice players generally lose all their chips with this pair.

Today I learned enough to try this hand. Thank you all for your comments. I will keep uploading videos to clarify the issue more.

I also believe that without any decision statistics is hard to take. Even knowing our rivals is hard to play JJ Angry

I found this information on how to play JJ's obligation to share it.

We all know that Doyle Brunson is an aggressive player,
but still he considers this pair as a small pair.

In his book, called any pair QQ below par as a boy.
However distinguishes JJ, 10-10 and 9-9 playing these hands more aggressively.

Brunson says:

"With a pair of Jacks, Ten, Nine or ... if someone made a raise from early position, probably only pay.

But if one comes up middle or late position ... would make a re-raise if you see who goes is a weak opponent. "

Brunson explained using hands like JJ to play more slowly and show a player who respects him. For example, if JJ Brunson has against an opponent who is playing very aggressive and the flop comes Q-4.2, the check would make a rival to show the respect and achieve lower your image of hyper-aggressive.

As you can see, even a hyper aggressive player as recommended caution Brunson playing pocket jacks before the flop.

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