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The Big One for One Drop 2014 episode 4  0   
New episode of the ESPN Tournament million held in
Las Vegas last July.

Here 'Episode 4.

Here is the full video, but for those who do not want to leave 46 minutes into the final hand and a chilling hand AA vs AA occurred in this tournament.

Video 1: The Million Dollar Hand

If you've never seen someone lose $ 1 million because of a bad beat, then do not miss this hand the Big One for One Drop 2014.


Video 2:La Mano Final:
La reacción de quien gano el mayor premio de toda la historia del poker ha sido de tal éxito que en apenas unas horas ya tiene más de 200.000 visitas...


Video 3: Full Episode


nice thanks for the links to watch the big one drop, i miss some of the parts as i was working or not at home or not even bothered with poker that day, so the links are really helpful it helps me catch up for the parts i did not see, cheers mate thanks a lot! Anyway have fun watching the videos if any one wants good graphic so i would recommend you guys to watch, you can learn a thing of two or relax about that AA vs AA hand and see that bad swings can happen to anybody lol. Cheers late guys good luck at the tables if playing!

Some nail biting poker going on here,...! Must be nice to just have a million bucks kickin' around to get in on THAT tourney...? Dollar

...I've been following along on TV through the 4th show and am waiting to watch the remaining 2...! 6 part TV series in pairs...!

Esfandiari is a pretty funny character to watch play poker...! Smile Thumbs Up

It's awesome Dan's face, it seems to hurt more on the last letter Negreanu ...

I feel sorry for Daniel is a great player and deserved to win

But Dan's face, that reaction is unique,

if you do not believe,

if I wanted to go to the bathroom,

or if he was angry about the tax I had to pay ...

The truth is that not a face, no smile, nothing. Poker face

Thanks for the links, i had some links too of the event but probably due to copyrights or something like that the site that hosted them was unavailable...

I wonder if this show was aired live, if not i wonder why they do not do it, it would have huge audience Smile

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