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Untill now I only played Sit 'n Go's pay tables and Freerolls Hold 'em. Yesterday I did my first buy in Tournament (only $1 though) but I don't want to go back to freerolls anymore Thumbs Up the game is much more serious and less donks going all in with 27 Blink

It was a rebuy tournament, I was amazed about how many people and how often they rebuy, there was one player @ my table who rebought at least 5 times Smile

We started with 1500 chips and after 1 hour I had about 6500 chips so I did not bought 2000 chips (wich was the last change after 1 hour) I went all in with QQ and lost Aww crap!

Most players rebuyd right after their first call wen they were below 1500 chips.... what do you guys do ?

Nowadays i allways rebuy after my chips are less then 1500, so i start with 3000 chips.
I think its better cos you never know when youre gettin AA against a big stack, so then you can win sometin like 3000 chips or 1500.
Or you loose offcourse Tongue Tongue Tongue

Btw if busting out with the 3000 chips i never rebuy...

And offcourse its the situation if you do an add on or not Smile

i sometimes play rebuy-tourneys without rebuying. people risk more in these id say and also the prizepool raises with every rebuy; so you can get a good value for your buyin. in general i dont play many rebuy tourneys, because if i want to compete maniacs i can decide for the freerolls...

you will be stunned Poeinkie if you ever try a non-freeroll, no-rebuy MTT. (tho of course in any game of poker, no matter of buyin or type, saturday night maniacs and drunken aussies can appeear. Shock )

@ doomdy : Yeah that's indeed a good reason to double you're chips in the beginning

@ umarplus : I think i will try an no-rebuy soon cause I like people to leave the table after you pushed them all-in and not keep coming back by rebuying

I tryd it doomdys way but to be honest I dont see the point unless some one at you table has 3k, (1st time i did it the whole table followed) i try not to re-buy and depending on my stack ill choose weater to add on or not, normall always add, good to see you are leaving the freeroles behind.

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