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So i've been on stars for around a year just playing for recreation really.

I've noticed while i play two tables i get the same hands or off suits on both tables from time to time. I've always just shrugged that off as a coincidence or just chance.
The other day I started playing multiple tables of SNG and the same phenomenon happened while i was at 3 tables. I rarely play more than 2 tables so seeing this was surprising to me.
I have gotten premium hands back to back a few times before, but i can't help but think being dealt this way on 3 tables is simply coincidence. Maybe there is some glitch in their hand assignment protocols? Or maybe it's simply just chance.

I have looked into the numbers briefly and the probability of that with a traditional shuffled deck is very unlikely, about 1.4 in 10,000 (proability for all the combos of 69s and 69o).

How often do people get the same hand on multiple tables?

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Not that often, but sometimes I get suited on one table and the off-suited on the other. I have had AA at the same time on two tables before. That was quite an exciting thing to see.

Correct me if I'm wrong, but given any hand on the first table, the chance to get the same hand on another table is (8/52)*(4/51) so square that for 3 tables with the same hand, is indeed 0.0146%

(unless it's a pair of course)

So it's rare, but it happens about 0.0146% of the time... Smile (I think you answered your own question).
Just chance.

Uhm i had On time 3 times in a row a/a at on one table Big Smile
Last time i had 8/8 hand after 8/8 same color...
And i often make a hand on the other table Tongue Tongue Big Smile Big Smile
Sometimes i have the same hand on both tables.... Blink

great question dude- how random is random?
it depends- getting AA on 12 tables at once and losing all of those hands is random, but so is getting AA on 12 tables simultaneously and winning with them on all tables.
if you think of it a bit wider- whenever you poop it's a completely random activity... you poop might come out 16 degrees more to the north side or just leaning towards the sun... whenever you stuff your salami in the hole it's also completely random activity- you never know the friction rate in seconds and the lubrication level that directly corresponds towards the longevity of the overall movement...

just know this- random is random. it just is

It happend to me too, but not only on pokerstars, same thing happend pretty often on party poker too.

It's been a while since i did not played on these two sites but it seems the same thing continue to happend.

well considering how theres no 'perfect' computer generated random algorithm i believe its as random as it gets Tongue

i belive pochui nailed it with his salami and the hole explanation. everyone should read it, ull definitely be more convinced in one thing - everything is random. and it is. im random too, and so are turtles, you never know if turtle is gonna stand still for minutes, or hours. and stuff.

Might have happened to me also but can't be sure. Usually hands like those dont last much till i fold them lol so i cant really tell if i got them at the same time or not. I remember getting lots of 72os in a small time frame... getting AA or KK at more than one table simultaneously... sometimes the same suited connectors.. Too many variations to be honest.
I think the more you play the more "random" situations like so ull encounter. Don't think much of it and also don't take it as an omen for whatever happens next.

Take a look inside pokerstars

1 min mark

I did an exercise and talked to the tech staff at PS, discussing this very thing, some details they could supply me (they can not give complete details to a random (lol) correspondent for security reasons) and my background in programming and writing application that built and used pseudo-random number generators, convinced me it is as random as it could be.

You often see worse in home games due to poor shuffling, you can see a lot worse in pub games as some shyster "fixes" the pack.

I also have had 3 royal flushes in one day and then no pairs in a whole tournament, pretty damn random.

With regard to Pochui's post, quality industrial grease has guaranteed lubricant performance characteristics, mix this with some thermo-bond, like Araldite, then things would start off very smooth and slowly more friction would ensue, hope this helps.

GL all 3P

I get that occassionally on all sites I big deal...!

I'm more interested in what that car is behind those tables...

What it is dat,...dat car...? Looks really cool...! Thumbs Up

it's my brother's Infinity G35 lol!

I had pock 2's in 3 hands at once 2 in low limit SnG's on stars and also in party poker cash game. none gave me joy or money, though.

O well a lot of players play poker a lot off hands are seen,
Not every person see the craziest hands,...
But when you are playing with so many people,...
Its logic you get to see some crazy hands on forums.....

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