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There are 3 missions currently running on Party Poker, to promote their new "casual cash game" tables (no multi tabling allowed). So far these tables seem incredibly soft, but I've been on a bit of a heater lately, so maybe that's it.

They are very easy to clear (see 60, 300 and 1200 flops on casual tables), and offer nice bonuses ($10, $25 and $100), that have to be cleared on casual tables as well (within 30 days after completing the mission).

It looks like I'll be completing the easy and medium missions, but I wonder what will happen when I clear the second mission; will both bonuses start counting down the 30 days, or will the second bonus only start after the first is complete?

It might be better to pause the second mission, just before clearing it, and only finish it when the first bonus is complete or expired...

What do you think?

on partypoker bonuses don't run at the same time, you can activate and pause them, so you can only clear one bonus at a time, so if you are clearing bonus number 1 and you want to clear bonus number 2, then click on bonus number 2 and number 1 will automatically pause.

That $100 bonus I would save until I am grinding NL10 tables and can actually reach that amount. Just on the easy one so far.

So just to answer my own question, in case anyone else was wondering.

It is a good idea to pause your second mission, until you complete the bonus, because the time you have to clear it, starts running as soon as you've finished the mission.

I've just completed the $10 bonus today, finished the easy and hard missions, and have the medium mission on pause, with a few hands to go.
I've got until December 17th to finish the hard mission's $100 bonus, so that's 2 months from today (not just 30 days).

I made out like a bandit while playing these casual tables: winrate is 50.5 bb/100 over 5118 hands on NL4... Cool

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I saw that and thought if I completed the next one it might run out before I could finish the original bonus. So if it is paused it will be paused indefinitely and the time until it runs out will stop completely until I re-play it?

I am only asking as I have two bonus's(One paused and one running) and the one that is paused is only valid until the 11th of November and today is the 17th but it is still there.....confused a little.

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The trick is to pause the second mission, just before finishing it. The minute you get the bonus, the clock starts running, even when your previous bonus is still not complete.

I could have finished all three missions within the first week or so, but that would have meant having to complete all three bonuses before December 7th.

Now I've completed the $10 bonus, I unpaused the hard mission, and played the remaining few hands, giving me until December 17th to complete.

I will complete the medium mission on October 26th (the last possible date for the flip flop missions), so that bonus will be valid until December 26th (giving me an extra 9 days of playing with the bonus rakeback). I won't be able to complete the $100 bonus, but maybe $30 of it, before moving on to the $25 bonus...

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