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Just watch how this villain plays super deep ITM 2.20 progressive knockout:

If you wondered how this is how apparently.


That is what you call One stuiped clown.
He dreamed of hitting the flush and
thought he had a right to get it.
You cut your loses and get out of there. Tongue

I hope you don't play like that Smile

only joking Best of luck at the tables anyway buddy
Dazalerf Blink

there are many players that when they have a big stack will go up to the river especially if the bets are not to big. I dont know if you had bet a lot more on the flop if he had call. Question Question Question Question Question

I dont want to say that its a good play from is part but donk are playing like that.

Aww crap! Aww crap! Aww crap! Aww crap!

You only have yourself to blame. Both your preflop and flop bet are way to low. This, combined with you are easy stacking off with just one pair, makes such play doable. If you want to raise, RAISE.

Agreed with can say how bad or donk of a player the opponent was, but you didn't play that hand well either.....

Really bad play in my opinion and it really makes you tilty when you see this sort of play. I can just about forgive him the call pre-flop but to continue after that flop was just really poor. Unlucky to you, donks do win occasionally

you did nothing wrong
people who are saying you played wrong are mistaken
only if you bet 3bb preflop and you should have folded to the shove , only hand you can beat on the river is bluff or q10
half-pot is good size bet , people get top pair and they shove thinking it is the nuts
if the bad beat didnt occur you would have walked away with a nice pot
if you shove every hand you made you wont get any chips

Posted by shokaku:
You only have yourself to blame. Both your preflop and flop bet are way to low. This, combined with you are easy stacking off with just one pair, makes such play doable. If you want to raise, RAISE.

His bet preflop and flop bet were standard. He played fine just donk got lucky.

I hate min raises. screams "im a pus*y and want you to suck out on me"


that is why minraise is so profitable Smile caus donks just cant fold preflop and u dominate them.

And minraise preflop is super standard with big blinds.

Meh i still dont do it lol blinds never fold and i dont want my hand getting sucked out by 74 offsuit lol

Nope. Preflop and flop bet are NOT standard. Betting 2k when the big blind is 1k and more than 1k are already in the pot as antes is far from standard. The big blind has to call with any two here.

@ arsenej1 and shokaku

will copy paste post from bemyatmplz where he is talking about minraise preflop and why is minraise standard and profitable open.

WHat is your raise size with like 20BB then?
It totally depends on stacksizes.
If I have less than 25BB for example I never open raise more than 2x, and it's perfectly fine IMO.
With shallow stacks you won't achieve much different raising 3x instead of 2x.
It's more of the opposite. With 25BB obviously restealing comes (at least should) into consideration, and by 3x'ing your entire range you make it even more attractive for them to 3bet shove you.
They should also not flat you with shallow stacks, not even a 2x should be flatted in the BB for example to a BTN raise unless it has extremely good playability. So a 2x doesn't have less steal-success than a 3x, however everytime we open 2x and get shoved on we safe 3BB each time we fold,which in today's game should be a lot (I used to have about 25% Fold to 3bet in 2012, nowdays I have 60%, and usually those regs who don't play just ABC all range between 45%-65% fold to 3bet).

If a fish is behind you who will call you all the time then you shouldn't adjust your raising size, you should instead adjust your opening range. There are situations where I open any2 on the button because there are 2 tight regs sitting in the blinds, and there are situations where I only open 20% because there are 2 monkeys in the blinds with 126348273499% 3bet

Read more:

@ vsemoje

Completely different situation to the one in the hand. Here the players have around 50 BB, and there is more than 1 BB of antes already in the pot, too. A minraise won't cut it here.

pff villains always play crazy and sometimes if you spend too much time checking their stats you can end up going nuts as sometimes they do stupid things for us but it does work wonders with them and when we try to do same thing we end up on the wrong side and lose money. Anyway good luck mate at the poker tables hope you crush them and make some money, just got at poker stars and making some good moves right now !

I would have raised more with that turn bet since straight and flush draws might have been there for the villain. Even I would have folded that river. It smells of something more than one pair(I was thinking a straight at first).

J3o though....just lucky river as usual for a bad player.

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