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Posted by Twistyoursou:
I agree Ice... Just human nature to try to make the guy feel better I don't know. I said I cause I know I would get pissed Big Smile

Aye, making people try and feel better is an awful human trait Tongue

I want to help him play better, he may not agree with me tonight but I am sure he will tomorrow

No I 100% agree with you Ice. This is why I joined this site, for learning from people who are miles better than me and to try and get better(And to bitch and moan too of course). I will take what you said to heart. Well I just did in a DoN SNG that the blinds was getting big. Tried to steal by pushing with K7o to the SB limp before me and lost to Q6, but I got my money in good right?

Its depends on the stacks sizes but I would play it the same ( I'm not too good of a player so I would wait for Ice's opinion)

Just over half his own stack when I pushed on him. If he had an Ace rag he would have probably raised before to get me to fold. I would have had a few BB left so had no choice regardless.

hard to know without knowing blind sizes etc, DoN's are a completely different strategy and I think a new thread for them Tongue

also, I don't think for a second I am 'miles' better than you. infact, I am sure if you watched me you would pick up loads of tells on me too and be able to advise me. I think you problem is more mental though, playing scared and not believing you will win


read that for dym's. read and reread. he is one of the best players on the net at them imo

I was not saying you thought you were I was saying I know your a better player than me. Most of every one here probably is, but that is why I want to learn and improve, even if I am stubborn. Tongue

I am miles better than when I was years ago and that shows I can improve if I improve by reading and stuff more then I have done tbh.

Thanks, I will give that link a read in a bit.

Some pretty nice info Ice! Enjoyed reading that, and it's 100% accurate

Posted by IceQueenAce:
Posted by Phisix:
Yes, please do Ice!

To be honest, I was worried of going out before the $10. I didn't get that AQ all PF and thinking back I should have just pushed it but I was OOP. I also worry about trying to steal much as well in case a big stack calls and ruins me. I did it once I think when I was in the SB.

Ok well I am glad you said that, cause I think that is the crux of your problem.

You are so scared of losing that you are not giving yourself a chance of winning. You played incredibly tight passive and never really stood a chance. You decided fairly early on that you wanted 7th place to recoup some losses, but that constricted you so much you lost a chance of a much bigger payout. I am afraid you are the exact kind of player I target on a table, find someone who is just trying to limp up pay ladder and make their life as tough as possible, knowing by the time they fight back I would more than made a profit from taking their blinds.

Some specific instances:

You had 137k chips. Blinds were 25k/12.5k and with antes there was 55k in the pot. It folded to you in the SB. You folded. You HAVE to look at what is in the pot and look for places to steal.
You were hanging on when you were guaranteed $7 but wanted $10. So you threw away the chance to win big for the sake of only $3.
You would have added 25% to your stack, by shoving on the sb and if it went wrong, you would more than likely have live cards. There were lots of instances of this happening.
Just think, had you stolen the blinds/antes just twice, you would have been chip leader from that alone. Instead, you let yourself get so short that 4 other people were willing to call you.

Blinds were 30/15k. You had 100kish under the gun and you limped and checked it down, losing the pot. If you are good enough to limp utg, you MUST be shoving there and trying to isolate rather than be in a multi-way pot. Chances are everyone would have folded and you would have doubled up (100k + 85k in pot from blinds/antes).

You were in the BB and it folded to the SB who limped. This for me (unless you have a fking good reason not to), is an auto-shove just about every time. He is weak and won't be calling. Infact, if a player limps on the SB when short-stacked, I would always assume he is either a very very good player or a very very bad one. And the fact it is a 20 point freeroll would suggest he isn't some pro. Get it in there and then, and take the blinds which increase your stack a whole lot.

I think the chipleader had 250k and the BB was 25k, when I started watching. That means everyone is so light, that everyone is playing shove/fold poker. Sure you wanna have as much position as possible so you get no callers but if you get a hand, you have to just get it in the middle. I would make sure I always raise but rarely call in these positions. First one into the pot takes the pot so often and with blinds/antes so big, you are usually more than doubling up just by one steal.
As a general rule (it obviously changes depending on reads/game stake etc), I would try and steal twice per full round, to keep increasing your stack.

Hope others add to this (to make it better, I am not a great player by any means), but I hope this helps

+100 Agree dont play with scared money,.....
Always go for the win,.....
First you say i am going to win it,...
Were a lot off players still left,..
Maybe that play you made there was perfect (didn't see the game)
But when u arrived on the FT you only saw the $$$
And thinking one step higher gives me a little more $
Instead of keep playing (youre a game)
You holding back and have almost no change anymore,..
Cant imagine you will get a/a ,k/k, q/q and stuff like that...the whole time....

very nice post by IceQueenAce.
U have to take a chance to win , just waiting for monster will give yeah 7th 8th 9th place.
Win is where most of money in mtts is so u have to play for a win.
And i have seen those FTs when chipleader has 10bb and people keep folding with 3-4bbs - hate that Smile


Phisix I have just written and submitted my latest blog and I have written it with you in mind.

Hope it helps

That sounds good I will give it a read. Thanks for that link to that DYM article. I gave it a read last night and it makes perfect sense. Obviously I will need a few more reads to really grasp what he was saying. Think I may take his advise and grind SNG DoNs on PP since I cannot multi table and my bankroll and staying within it will be easier for me.

Lets see if I can make another final table today....

Cheers good luck mate just saw this thread so gonna rail you a bit and see how you doing but looking good and thanks for the updates and if you still in the final tables go crush them and make us proud man, hopefully you can share your wins and if not, still a good result with two final tables and so on. But if you happy you play well then it is a good thing as thing can only get better when you improve and hopefully you will take down a lot of events!

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