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I am very sad to see the no deposit bonus doors shut to my country. We have an amazing number of existing and new pooker players, eager to join and get a piece of the action, including myself.

As a returning poker player, the closed door to receiving a bonus like this one only makes it that much harder to begin creating a decent bankroll once again.

Although I don't have the power or authority to change the rules myself, let my voice be heard. I speak for all of those who cannot receive the same as others simply because of their foreign and unwanted IP address.

Hope some points of view can change in the future...

Maybe you can ask shaun if he can make some special for brasil players.
Btw you can make the BRM2000 deposit Smile

Richer country players are more valuable than the players from countries that are not so rich. There is nothing you can do to change that. It's just

Thats true business is business, but i was shocked to see the UK has been took of the list, surly with the USA leaving the sceen poker sites should be welcoming all to make up for the short fall, sites will suffer/have sufferd from this(am i right shaun), and to exclude more and more will only lead to sites closing down.
It would be good if the likes of BRM could say Mr X is trustworthy (long term member of BRM etc) most countries are excluded due to fraud or lack of depositing, but as a tracked member could BRM not stand for those who are found to be honest.
1 bad egg makes us all smell.

Let me give you a run down, as it stand we offer the IB for countries that have the ability to make deposits right now Brazil has problem depositing money, the UK is okay but for now we have decided that we want to target other places first.

We are currently work on a huge promotion in Latin America and once this goes live which will be in Sept 08 we will be able to take deposits, if you live in Brazil you will see us on TV over there very soon.


I'm from Brazil too and I was very sad when I see this =/

Hi Kaianl

Tell me how you can make a deposit to a poker site?

If I offer that service i will credit you.


Greetings Shaun, nice to hear that your marketing campaigns are spreading as far as Latin America. As for Brazil, the only poker tv manifestation going around is on ESPN Brasil, as free play money site, of course.

As you know it is a "sports" channel, so it comes during WSOP exerpts; since only tournaments are legal here, that's the best prerrogative they've found so far within legal range.

We've been trying to come up with creative and legal ways to promote poker here. I'm currently working on a portal for brasilian poker professionals, it will be up sometime next month, along with a great "mass" nationwide campaign in poker's favor. So far we are targeting the heavy and wealthy cash players from clubs and "underground" poker houses to legally come into the mainstream scenario.

Basically we are pioneering in this segment and creating a powerhouse for brasilian players. This success is due to the poker boom in this country, where we are seeing more and more people making poker a part of their hobby, changing the culture little by little.

When you know all the top players and wealthy spenders from weekly underground poker, it makes it that much easier to bring them all together as sportsmen and explore it commercially in everyone's favor.

Let me know how everything goes, as time goes by we can somehow unite knowledge and forces, and who knows...

Oh yes, regarding deposits, entropay has been a great alternative for us brasilians, so here's a hint, be sure to tell the people you target down here about this, for most brasilians never heard of the virtual credit card possibility and so on. good luck...

(off the record, we are trying to implement a payment method for brasilians as well, but it might take a couple of months, although we already have some alternatives, but much slower than an instant credit card deposit).

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Great email, We will have entro pay with a month or two we currently have a local way for all player to deposit in latin america, I can not say very much abou ton the site because BRM have given me the privalge of posting on the forum, I wonder if BRM would allow us to exhchange our details via them, I think we would have a great deal to talk about.


A great deal indeed. As we wait for BRM's feedback on this matter, I will download the ActionPoker software and see what this positive hype is all about. Hey, I'll even register with the same nickname as here. Blink

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