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It's that time of the year again and the Hallow-win freerolls are back on 888. Everyone should have at least one free ticket so far. Let's use this thread for story's and updates for people playing these again.

Only got one ticket myself so hopefully I can do well in tonights one. Anyone else game for tonight's?

I am in. Also deposited for three more tickets.

Gotta get the value Smile

Is there any kind of gimmick with these? Or just a regular freeroll?


just before the game the prize pool can get doubled or tripled.

and the top 1000 in each freeroll go through to a $20k final

I managed one top 1000 finish last year. I only have one ticket so I need to make this one count. I have not reached any in the moneys this last few weeks on 888 so maybe my luck can change tonight.

prize pool now 10000 no bad extra 5000 heres hoping for a good cash good luck guys whos playing see u at final table Smile

Just seen that it has jumped up to $10,000. Which is better considering the 14000 registered players. Good luck to you guys then.

I think last nights game got busted by gremlins in the 888 system and the game was cancelled. I am just logging onto 888 to see if there is any chance of registering tonight but expect it will be rammed full. Computer taking forever to load....tum TE tum......oops! No internet...let's try again! ,,, here we go...loading up........still loading.......... T J Q K A ...... T J Q K A ...... T J Q K A ....... Still loading......... Is 888 down again? Still loading....... Nope...won't load....let's try mobile........ Loading........nope...not on mobile either...just logged into PartyPoker and won $2 on the daily scratch card game.

Enjoy your evening!

$1.50 on the scratchcard for me
yesterday I got 50% bonus on next deposit but also have a pokerfest ticket if I deposit so may have to deposit twice Tongue

888 down

Did not get reimbursed on my Hallo-win ticket but no matter.

My friend gets those scratchcards but I missed out on it even though I used to play there all the time. Sad

my 888 withdrawal has been cancelled, problems with skrill and they have removed skrill as an option


That's how much they hate people withdrawing from their site ahaha. Damn parasites.

It appears we are not experiencing good times at 888 at the moment for a variety of reasons. I haven't played there for a few weeks and couldn't log in last night and had other things to do tonight so will try my hallow win ticket tomorrow.

So, i´ve got a freeroll ticket too and now the helloween tourney cane come...I wish all mobsters ggod luck and a double prize pool there. It seems they had some Software Problems last time but today i see that all games are running well at the moment.

Well, I played last night, bit of a late entry a few minutes before the start and was 2500th out of 2500 when I won a four handed pot which saved my bacon. I eventually worked my way up to 750 th and winnings of $5. An enjoyable game but could have done better.

Nice. I have been awful at poker lately, and atm am currently just low stakes grinding. Funnily enough my worst game, cash, is what is saving me.
My best game, MTT's, has deserted me and I cant win a hand.

First step, I have acknowledged it is my s**t play.

Next step, look at some hands and work out what I am doing so wrong.

Man I can ramble, I only started this post to say I got another three tickets for another deposit, so means I can play every game!

Hey Damosk,nice result. Smile
Have you received your tournament ticket for the $20k hallo win final?the top 1000 are supposed to win a ticket but I played a few days ago and still have not received the ticket.The final is the 31st so do you think they are just going to be be leaving it until the day before?

G'day mates

I do seem to recall getting an email about having received a free ticket to play in one of those tournaments on 888.
Personally never looked into playing it though because whenever I log onto that site the tournaments I want to play never seem to be running at convenient times for me.
Wishing you all the best
be cool

Ronin Cool

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