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Was very unlucky not to be able to cash anything out yesterday!
Got my 100 free spins on voodoo magic and won about $35. I came off that game and went onto coyote cash and auto played that for about 10 hours. The most i went up to was $75 but it was staying around the $45 for most of it.
Anyway, the amount i had to wager before I could cash out was around $850 I think. I got all the way down to only needing $111 but I ran out of money Shock Sad Aww crap!

I thought I would have no chance reaching that amount, so to come so close was a supprise and also a bit disappointing Disagree
Oh well, I did have fun tho. Just thought I would share.

Good luck all and take care.

Con Con Con that is all they are thats why the playthrough is so big because you will lose your money before you reach it. And did you see if you had to deposit before being able to withdrawal. Because they usually make it that you need to deposit. I did one here about a week ago won $97 and it is still sitting there. Because i know the playthrough is too excessive and i also have to deposit first. It was with GoWild Casino

Quick math check. A wagering of around $900 will result in an expected loss of around $36 with a 4% house edge and around $45 with a 5% house edge. Data that are quite common for slots. So no surprise, that a $35 bankroll was used up completely. I don't know the complete terms of that offer, but if one ant tol have any realistic chance of cashing out, more risk had to be taken, to bring the bankroll above $100, before the grinding out of the wagering can start.

Yeah, I definitely had a feeling i wouldn't be able to reach their crazy amount. Was just suprised I lasted that long. Normally goes within ten minutes Tongue
I didn't look to see if you needed to deposit or not to be able to withdraw.

I never knew those numbers shokaku. I only play casino's when there's an offer. I guess I will know for next time tho, thanks. Big Smile


HEY...!!! BULLETman.....!!! Where ya been dude...??? Haven't seen ya around here for about a year...! Cool

The last time you were around you had won an iPad or cell phone or something from one of the poker sites,...then shortly after dissappeared... Shock

I figured either you got distracted by your new toy,....or there was something in your wife's cup cakes...!

Big Smile

Good to see you back...! Thumbs Up

Hey buddy thanks Big Smile
Haha yeah those cupcakes were great! Only good things in them poison! Haha.
I just lost interest in poker, had no energy or patience for it. I started playing Shadowgun deadzone on my nexus7 which I got totally addicted to haha. My nexus is broke now so that's freed me up to get back into poker Big Smile
Hopefully Lewis Hamilton wins the f1 championship on Sunday, if he does I will have $120 from a bet I can use for a bankroll Big Smile
So hopefully I will get some decent wins that I can post on here Big Smile
Shame I can't play on mansion anymore. Another $5k would be nice hahaha.

Good luck on and off the felts matey Big Smile Thumbs Up

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Some times you only get a good win in free spins with multipliers to help you cover easily
the biggest part of the wagering requirements.
If you win free spins and you get from it like 2$ win, you know pretty much, that this isnt getting
anywhere Smile
Good luck with your next casino bonus and Welcome back Smile Thumbs Up

Hey thanks, Mober.
Yeah it's hard work getting anything from those bonuses.
The only time I've won from a casino bonus is when 888 casino had a promo of 7 free spins a week for a year, a couple of years back. Then I won and withdrew £300.
Hopefully get somewhere on the next one Big Smile
Take care Mober Thumbs Up

Hey thanks, Mober
Yeah it's hard work trying to win anything from those Casino bonuses. I think the only time I've won from a casino bonus is a couple of years ago on 888 casino. They had a promo that have you 7free spins a week for a year. I ended up winning and withdrawing £300. Which wasn't bad at all Big Smile
Good luck to you Mober and take care Big Smile

Urg! My phone died when I typed the first reply so I didn't think it sent. Then it didnt show up so I typed another Disagree
Oh well

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