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well, i was playing a tourney in party poker, was doing well and got to the FT, than something happened, my connection got messed up somehow, it told me to restart the client, i clicked ok, im not sure if it was mine or theres, so i reset my router right quick... , and it loaded right back not sure if my router timed out, or party poker timed me out, im very clueless right now lmao.....

my table was still up... i can still see the hands going.. but my call, fold, and raise box werent showing... and i lost out on a few hands... they were possible double up hands too... than it shuts down on me... lol... Aww crap! Aww crap!

i just finished talking to one of there representatives... and she said.. that she has to send it to the repsective team, the tech team i guess... and i told her, i wanted a refund, with a possible bonus for my efforts to get to the final table... i kow the bonus aint going to happen but its worth a try to ask for one... as for the refund... i should be able to get that...

has this ever happened to anyone on party poker? if so what happened? Aww crap! Aww crap!

I Didnt Even Cash Too....FML Aww crap! Aww crap!

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Unfortunately, it sounds as if it was a problem on your end, and not Party Poker's... So I would guess they will pay you out for what position you finished, but nothing more...

edit: just seen that you didn't make the money positions - so I would think you won't receive anything. It sucks, but not much you can do about it...

Just don't think it is some kind of conspiracy against you, it's not. Usually it is some kind of a minor problem, related to Internet somehow.

This is why I have my iphone, its my backup for when the internet at my parents go wacko (satellite based internet).

I have a tablet too, just in case of an emergency. But usually i don't use it. It helped me a lots of times though. My home net is strong as iron man, but in case of anything pop ups - i'm ready to play .

I have just blown out of a tournament on Pokerstars. It was the time before the bubble and I got AK. So I raised from early position and got a call plus a little all in, which i called. The other guy had A10 and of course I lost.

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