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Scenario 1:

Sit-n-go Regular speed, 5 Players left.

Hero (15 BBs) holds: A Spade 10 Spade UTG+2

-UTG Folds.
-Loose but not a donk Player (13-14 BBs) UTG+1 raises 4BBs

Rest of the players are neither loose nor tight and have all also 12-18 BBs

My action: Fold. But what would be the best play here?

Scenario 2:

Sit-n-go Regular speed, 8 Players left. Early Phase, dont know any of the players

Hero holds A Club K Club in the SB with 36 BBs

-UGT (36 BBs) Limps
-UTG+1 (Big-stack, like 70+ BBs) raises to a total of 3BBs
-Rest folds, only 1 in the middle Position (with 23 BBs) calls
-Hero calls from SB (what should I do here?)
-BB folds
-Open-Limper UTG folds

7 Spade 7 Heart 3 Heart

-Hero checks (??..)
-Big-stack (raiser in the Flop) raises 3/4 of the Pot.
-Middle Position Villain Folds
-Hero folds (??..)

Thanks a lot!!!

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Part one

I would have personally loved to see the flop and if cheap enough I would do so

Part 2

If I had a good read on the table and depending on position and how late in the tournament and stacks I normally would 5x pre fop bet to scare some of the callers off. You did nothing wrong with folding this hand with a board like that, just because you have AK and the board isnt even close for you in making a hand that was a wise choice and would have done so as well...yes they are big cards to have but most of the time you will find yourself losing more playing that hand and boards like that !

I was folding AQ pre flop yesterday on a final table when people where shoving, I just know when I get into the money the longer you stay in the more you make so if I have to fold a giant hand because people are shoving I will, last night the money jumps were $40-$70 differences each place I will fold just to get as much as I can in the end!

In scenario 1 you should definetly call and see what flop have to offer...
In scenario 2 after flop you should raise 3BB-6BB, than you would see what he would do... In this case he done the right thing... I would raise in that position with any two cards in my hand... Big mistake is checking the flop....

Hand 1
With the stack sizes it is push or fold, depending on the table dynamics. (By the way, your desrciption is a bit unclear to me, do you have the button here?)

Hand 2
If the big stack opens a lot of hands, i would raise here, and not mind getting it in preflop. As played you are out of position and have missed the flop completely, so it is a fold, unless you want to play mind games.

Hello mate, concerning Scenario 1 I really think that a fold is allright here, because the blinds are already pretty high. Of course you can call and hope to hit, but if you only get a flush draw and your opponent bets high things are getting difficult for you.

First hand... umm... utg+2 is the button. It' push or fold. "Raises 4bb" means raises to 5bb, which is a third of your stack. If you call you're only inviting someone else to ship it and your hand is no monster. Unless you get really lucky on every flop, calling would be terrible.

Now these are speed sngs (presumably 10 man) so you are supposed to be quite loose. 15 bb doesn't last long if you tighten up. However, A10 is pretty much a curse. You're not being called by worse and any hand that dominates you is calling. My first instinct said it's an easy shove against a loose player but I'm not so sure. It's risky but can you afford to miss the opportunity to steal this pot.

Second hand... you're way out of position. AK looks fantastic but you've got three players to act after you on the flop, the limper is definitely calling pre-flop with just two more blinds but could have absolutely anything. How on earth do you expect to make a good return here? There isn't a board you want to see. You have to raise pre if only to isolate the hands you want a call from and get a read on three opponents who could all have any two cards. Raise to about 10bb assuming there are no short stacks with less than 20bb.

Hand 1 is a clear push. When everyone is that short, preflop raising ranges are really wide. When he raises without open shoving, any raise you make will force villan to stack off or fold (most likely calling the shove). You can't just flat call, you're commiting far too much preflop in a vulnerable spot. It's time to shove when you're in pretty good preflop shape.

Hand 2 is a clear 3 bet. You have a premium starting hand, you're in the small blind (therefore out of position post flop). There's a decent chance you will take it down pre-flop, or villan could come back over the top for you to shove, etc. You'll win much more money re-raising here.

You should also give some considertation into calling the flop bet. Big chance the big stack is just attempting to steal.

I always find it really interesting reading the different views of players in relation to how to play various hands and how differently everyone s views are. I guess the one fact remains that each person plays their own game and stands or falls by their decisions. You may make what is generally considered a wrong call and get lucky and win a huge pot!

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