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Hi together,

what do you think, is it clever to watch poker on tv and playing tournaments online at the same time? many times im feeling boring while folding every hand but i could imagine that i play cards/hands just because i saw them on tv. sorry for my bad english. Does someone of your have any experiance with that?

thank you all

I often watch something on youtube while playing. I play better when I don't watch video, but it's boring.
Sometimes I even read something or chatting with someone Big Smile

If it doesnt affect yo9ur game why not. But if you notice that your performance is getting worst
you should stop watching anything and concentrate in your game, even if it is boring.
We all get bored with it at some point, Especially in long sessions.

Watching television (poker/ football / films / series) distract me from the tables dynamic, which I find important to be aware while playing. Personally I prefer only listening to music (randomly on radio) while I am playing poker. Also nowadays I only play when I'm all alone.

Of course sometimes I get bored, and when that happens I just click on the raise button with any two napkins Cool

Hello, of course you can watch poker on tv while playing tournaments online at the same time. But if you really feel bored in a tournament (yes most times you just fold hands), you can also play more tables at once. With 4 tables or more it is not boring at all.

I dont think that watching poker on TV while playing is not a very good idea.

Poker on TV wont teach you poker cause they just choose the hands that will gon on the show and not the full game of one player.

I think that listening the music that you like and relax you would be a lot better. Worship Worship Worship

Usually I put on a movie or listen to music. I am usually only single tabling tournaments and sometimes Ill play the odd spin and go while in an MTT..

I try to play when noone else is around bothering me as well or too many distractions!

Big Smile

If you are watching a poker game on TV and it helps relieve the boredom for you then it's fine but you just have to remember that the hands have been picked from hundreds of hands so probably not the best learning aid.
If you are bored it is a good idea to open and play another table,sometimes if I am getting bored I will open a couple of other tables from the tournament I am in and see how they are playing and take a few notes if something of interest happens. Smile

My TV is on almost 100% of the time, while playing poker. But it's never something I really want to see, because that either would be too much distraction, or I'll miss a lot of it, when my attention is required in a hand.
Mostly I watch sports or news programs like that; or the history channel...

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