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Hey everyone, sorry about starting another thread but I have been looking for threads on when and where the freeroll will be for the opening of the 100 Christmas doors. All I have found so far appears to be rumor and guesses. I know it says to keep looking at the door page for the information but as of yet I have seen nothing reguarding the free roll. Does anyone have any concrete information about this Free roll? I just don't want to miss it is all... it sounds like it is going to be a blast. Any news would help. Thanks in advance for your replies. Take care all and good luck at the tables my fellow Mobsters.

There has not been any announcement yet and as far as I know we don't even know where the tournament will be held.
I wouldn't worry too much about missing the details,we should get plenty of notice to register and I think the last calender freeroll was at the beginning of Feb and fairly sure the year before that was Feb as well. Smile

Hmm i think it will be held at a time in January and you will be notify by the BRM webpage i think , so good luck for the freeroll when it is time to play it and congratulations on managing to get 100 doors for the December Christmas giveaway, very nicely done, sadly i could not due to work and other stuffs such as work and all that kind of crap about real life lol, anyway have fun in the holidays and good luck in life and poker!

Let us hope, that we will be notify by the Bankroll Mob somehow. I would like to be notified by E-mail or at least by my Mob-Mail, so that I really do not forget it. In my opinion it would be strange, if the tournament was in february.

If I recall it right it will be a banner at the top of the calender saying the date of the freeroll and also with the chance I think to redeem the ticket for mob points if you are not allowed to play it do to country restrictions

Just hope that duck poker is out of the equation Question Question Question

Why can't the Freeroll just be on some Site where most Mobbers play anyway?
Who decides that?

well if its on a site I don't play on then I guess I wont play it!

pure and simple, don't like it then oh well!

That's life!

I guess this would be on Pokerstarts, but I don't play on Pokerstars myself..
your argument is invalid.

a man's gotta check his facts

There is still no news regarding where it will be held but this info was at the bottom of the lottery prize winners thread;

"Regarding the freeroll for those who opened 100+ doors in the Christmas Calendar - we will announce this later in the News section and on the Mob Games page for those who qualified. We expect it to be played late January and to open registration (through BRM on the Mob Games-page) mid-January."

The Admistrator said that it will be announced in the news section and in the Mob-page where registration would happen. But it will probably only be open for registration in the middle of January and the freeroll will probably be at the end of the month.

Hi. from what I read it said info will be posted on that page with in the week following Christmas. I opened 107 doors so I am pretty sure I am entitled, good luck at the game all. Cool

I have just heard that the Bankroll mob freeroll for opening 100 doors in the x-mas calender will probably take place at Duck Poker at the 24 th of January. This info is from administrator so it should be the most reliable at the moment.

That freeroll must be on Pokerstars or Fulltilt where most members had account not on that sites which pops out every month new one,I'am tired of opening accounts on every poker site,also hope that wouldn't be on Duck,if will be on Duck then I will change for points,need around 400 to withdrawal Thumbs Up
Opened 119 doors only 1 missed
Worship Worship Worship Dollar Dollar Dollar Worship Worship Worship

well done dude only missing one door is cool. Thing that really sucks is that I opened 101 doors but can not play in tourney because I am not on that site. Oh well... I was looking forward to kicking everyones but... Blink but I guess you all get a reprieve. Thumbs Up . Take care all and good luck to those that are in the tournie.

Brm Xmas 100 Doors Open Freeroll will be held at Duck Poker on 24 January!!!

I can see it because I have Duckpoker account! Thumbs Up Thumbs Up

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