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as much as reliable BRM is, if you promote dodgy casinos will put players at risk if they don;t do further digging on casinos before depositing, and they should not when you are a quality affiliate.

the problem is with the today mail in which SLOTOBANK is promoted. google this brand and see warnings of specialized forums, made up technical problems, winnings confiscated etc. LGA regulator is useless and so EveryMatrix. they are proven thieves, stalling payments for months, closing accounts after withdrawal was initiated, manually interrupting winning sessions, etc. they should be avoided at all costs! if you want to promote multiprovider casinos on website then pick Betsson group, Guts and Bet-at, the best in this online industry and do a basic search before promoting thieves scumbags that don't pay legit winnings... protect your image. Thumbs Up

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my guess is that you lost. Confused

i have lost nothing but my respect for this site administration since the banner is still in casino section promoting proven thieves. i came with that post to protect members and make admins aware, it took only 2 minutes to do by writing the above post. is enough for one player to take the offer, win and come back crying over his money and will be too late for help, the main problem being useless and disgusting regulators like Curaçao and Malta gambling authorities that never step in and take action against thieves operators under their licenses. and affiliates are the second to held liable. is all about money.
moral of the story, if anyone want to play casinos ask in this section first and based on my experience i will give my help to avoid dirty places.

I actually consider all casino's to be thieves , any time you play against the house you will lose. it has nothing to do with brm. it's just the way things are.


you're wrong and actually this is a popular belief that slots are rigged, both land based and online. on specialized forums we have screenshots section where we post the big hits and believe me, some are winning thousands from minimum deposits. from 32 free spins i won 5 and turned it in 800, redepositing 200 and cashing out 800 again out of initial nothing. there are 2 types of players, casual and advanced. the second are the casinos nightmare because can easily turn 50 in 5000 in some circumstances. type on youtube dead or alive slot as a prime example of how i recently brought my new laptop after a 20eur dep, 0.18 bet and 450 win thanks to 5 scatters. i was paid in 3 minutes in my skrill account, withdrawable from any ATM with skrill card. wanna know what would have happened if occurred at slotobank? Aww crap!

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