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Just lost $40 on cash tables once again due to stake jumping on mega tilt. My fault as usual but I just cannot win or make much profit on those anymore and the constant negative variance and b******t I keep encountering is really grinding my gears and pushing me over the edge, which eventually turns into what I just did even if I lost due to b******t.

This has been going for a while now, so is it finally time I just leave cash tables and SNAP alone forever and just focus on freerolls/MTTs and SnG-DoNs as I don't get the constant b******t I do on those or should I just quit poker for good as its making me feel that I am rubbish and everything at poker every time I lose whatever amount of bankrolls on this type of game. It's really bending negative on my poker mind.

Any advice or words?

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Well if you think that cash game isnt going your way, than dont play them... If you are good at something try to focus on that... I know the feeling, maybe you should take a day or two off to clear your mind...

I am not a good poker player and worst ring game but recently i played rush cash table and i was taking $3.00 to the table playing very tight and as soon i had let say $1.00 win i was leaving the table and come back with th original amount. Because i know that if i keep everything than will come one hand with very good cards and lose all.

However i just did that for a little while most of my games are freeroll and a little bit of SNG.

Now you have a decision to take and i wish you good luck for the future. Thumbs Up Thumbs Up Thumbs Up

Of course you have to play those games in which winning is obtained. I also played badly in the cache, but in the SNG and Multitable turns good. So if you want to be in the black, play something that turns out. Dollar Good luck and I hope not to meet at the table of the SNG Big Smile

My advice is don't play on Full Tilt. NEVER EVER even consider it.

Started playing on other sites and I am finally making some money.

Every now and then I play some Cash at Full Tilt because I have a couple of Bucks there.

But on Full Tilt it's impossible to win unless you are a superdonk.

This is happening on all sites so its not down to one site. I used to make solid progress on cash tables not it just is not happening anymore which is weird. Perhaps players have just gotten better on the micros or I have just got worse, but I think staying away from cash tables might just be my only option.

If you are planing to playcash game, I recomend you play super tight, and when you become profit player from cash game, improve your game, watching who is raising evry button, and how each player play... You would be amazed how much players bet evry single button... In evry cash table there is at least one player that do this... All you should do in this situation is fold couple of times to him, and when you got strong hand just keep check calling him and you will make profit... Never go all in on him, just check call and on river you should raise a little (not all in) because he will maybe try to steal with all in so you will get most profit from him... But you must know when he got something and when he doesnt... But in bigining just play tight and dont bluff on cash table, later you will figure it out Thumbs Up

That is the thing about cash games
you can win lot of money
but also can lose most of your bankroll
the secret is try to stay focused
and do not tilt
i lost this hand because i was playing against this crazy guy , i had top pair and he pushed all-in on the flop , i knew this guy plays terrible but still shouldn't call the all-in he turned 8-6 on flop K 8 6

try to stay relaxed and do not play long sessions

From what you have posted on here you seem to be happy with a lot of your results from tournaments and you have made money so focus more on tournaments.
If your goal is to make money from playing cash maybe stick to the lowest stakes and try and work out what the problem is and where/why/when you lose the most.If it is just a bankroll management problem then you know what the answer is to that. Smile

Posted by Phisix:
Just lost $40 on cash tables once again due to stake jumping on mega tilt.

This is really one of the biggest problems you can have. Tilting is one thing (which is bad by itself), but stake jumping is very hard to come back from. By moving up stakes (while tilting), you are going to lose more money in a few hours, than you can grind back in days/weeks at the proper stake.

I think it's almost impossible to be a winning player as long as you do this. The grind will be that much more tedious, when you have the losses from higher levels to make up for. Only move up one level at a time, when you have a proven winning record on your current level (I'd say tens of thousands of hands with a good win rate), and you feel confident you'll manage the next level up (not after a bad session, trying to make up for losses).
Evaluate yourself honestly, look at the numbers from your tracking software, and don't discount "that one disastrous session" that wasn't your fault/will never happen again. Everything counts.

The most times when I play cashgame and i have a small bankroll i make only the minimum buy in and when I doubble or trible up I go to the next table,,the winnings are smaller then but on the other site you can not lose so much.
As I start with poker my cashgame was not good but I was good in tournaments and sngs.I play better cash game after I play a lot of poker live with my friends.And you should read a little bit about poker,I get a few good tips from books,many thinks I know before but when I read is actually in my brain(its sometimes not so easy for me to find the right words in English,I hope u understand was I mean) One thing are pot odds and outs its very important

You will need to manage your tilt first of all, and then stick to the games that you are getting the most
profit from. Try to leave out completely the fast games. Most of the times it is trouble and nothing
Raising the limits only to get losses back, is never a good thing. But even if you do so, you need
to put a target, of profit-loss, so that you dont cripple much more your bankroll.
Good luck with the rest of your games.

If you are having the tendency to easily tilt, then playing poker is quite a dangerous thing to do. And of course the higher stakes you are playing the more you will loose, because good player use this mistake. Maybe you should stick to freerolls instead.

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