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Ever had to leave a touney before it was finished?   0   
Here's why I ask,

So I was on a awesome run on Fulltilt's BRM 3:30pm today. Sitting in the top ten with about 40 to go and my lady comes home and had a horrible day. So I turn off my computer and come back and even with missing the last hour and half of the tourney still ended up 12th overall.

I could have easily made final table and made some good points for the leaderboard and possibly the top 200 but love has got me by the chain much more than poker i guess.

So the question is has anyone else done this for any particular reason and want to share?

See you all at the tables and good luck out there!

Once I left tournament when I was half asleep and bored and I realized I can't control the game and I will lose it anyway, so it was better to leave it and hope that I'll end ITM someway

I was playing in 2 $5.50 tourneys one night,i had been playing one for about 10 mins and the other had just started when the mrs asked me to drive her to our daughters to drop something off,i said to her can't it wait untill tomorrow ? of course she replied " no " and off we went Smile
Those women sure have a lot to answer for Big Smile Heart

well i finish most of tourneys before they finish caus i cant win them all Smile Big Smile

i know some who just make 20k stack and goes sit out and they wait for new bankrollmob 20k garantee allready last 100

I do all the time. If im in a tourney n gotta go ill just keep pushing til i get a big enough stack to keep me goin til im back or i bust. Lifes gotta come first and there's always other torts. It does suck when your getting close to the final table and something comes up tho.

I have had to do that quite a few times recently,especially at the weekend when I'm being my family taxi service.Now I don't even bother starting many tournaments that I think will take a few hours. Smile

it really depends on the importance of the tournament
if it was a freeroll or small buy-in , i do that all the time
i am not gonna put my life on hold because 4$ prize
if there is a big prize to be won , then most definitely i will find a way to keep playing
back in the day i remember playing a tournament on my phone while i am driving
please do not repeat that , it is dangerous

What is worse than having to leave a tourny ??? Internet cut out when you are at the final table and last 2 standing Aww crap! Aww crap! Aww crap! Aww crap! Aww crap!

Sometimes in some tournaments i do that, and why, ask you.
Because or in the tournament i am in a good spot but the players are to crazy to continous playing, and myabe kick out off the money, or because the tournament are to boring, that i go to the internet and when i see that i am in a tournament i see that or i´m out or sitting out with litle chips, but allways in tournaments like freerolls, that i see the ITM in a long way.

Enjoy sun and life, keep playing safe.

Yup! Tonight and last night I had to leave a tourney due to other committments of children! I was doing pretty well in last nights and perhaps could have done something about sitting out for a bit and coming back in later but it never materialised that way! Very frustrating...and it's always when you are running well!

It has happened yes. If you have a family, it is not easy at some point playing a tournament,
which can take hours to finish. You just have to jump off your chair, turn the pc off and try to attend
the matter, which in some cases requires lots of yelling Smile

Hello to you all

For sure it has happened to me mainly in late freerolls after getting in the bubble and the sandman starts to show up Sleepy Sleepy
Some other times the real life is more important so got to leave to take care of other commitments with family, friends or other engagements Worship Worship
Poker is good but living life is better Cool Cool

Don´t forget to be happy and enjoy life

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